Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Liberals are having a collective orgasm today!!

Happy New Year to Liberals, finally something to give them hope.
Big fucken deal.

This will turn out to be one of those...

“republicans are more evil, no no democrats are more evil, no but republicans are really really evil, no, no, no democrats are more super duper evil, no, no republicans are mega super duper, evil, no democrats are warp ten infinity evil, no no...DEMOCRATS SUCK, SCREW YOU MAN REPUBLICANS SUCK!!!!!

Check out more...Democrats there are two sets of rules, one for Republicans and none for themselves. SDP notes this South Dakota GOP press release:

Rats Scurrying

Gingrich recommends the Republicans abandon DeLay, Ney is SHOCKED, SHOCKED that Abramoff was crooked. Meanwhile, Ney and DeLay and several others will be going to jail as a result of Abramoff's deal yesterday. Meanwhile, the rats are scurrying, while Republican strategists are pulling the barn door shut well after the corruption has been exposed. They are calling for legislation that will prevent their fellow Republicans from succombing to bribes. Here's a clue, Republicans. . . this horse has already escaped and shown what your corruption for the world to see. Someone at this point needs to connect Abramoff with Bush/Cheney. Who is involved? Ralph Reed, Conrad Burns, even a couple Democrats? I hope they all go down, whoever is involved.


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Abramoff Cracks.
This is big. I won't even begin to tell you that I fully understand that shell game that Jack Abramoff was running to funnel money, favors and trips to members of Congress in exchange for votes on behalf of Abramoff's clients. There has been some great reporting on it over at Daily Kos - I recommend visiting a few of the recent stories posted on the subject:

Abramoff plea may remake Congress20 in Congress under fire as lobbyist takes deal; Hastert dumps linked contributions.

something all of the links leave out.........
Harry Reid Caught in Abramoff Plea Deal?

Tuesday’s announcement that Washington super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff has reached a plea bargain deal with the Justice Department has reporters salivating over what they hint is going to be a Republican mega-scandal.
But it turns out that the most prominent player in Abramoff's web of influence was reportedly none other than the Senate's top Democrat, Harry Reid.
In a little-noticed story in November, The Associated Press revealed that Reid had accepted tens of thousands of dollars from an Abramoff client, the Coushatta Indian tribe, after interceding with Secretary of the Interior Gail Norton over a casino dispute with a rival tribe.
Reid "sent a letter to Norton on March 5, 2002," reported the AP. "The next day, the Coushattas issued a $5,000 check to Reid's tax-exempt political group, the Searchlight Leadership Fund. A second tribe represented by Abramoff sent an additional $5,000 to Reid's group. Reid ultimately received more than $66,000 in Abramoff-related donations between 2001 and 2004."
Questioned about the donations last month by "Fox News Sunday's" Chris Wallace, Reid immediately turned testy.
"Don't try to say I received money from Abramoff. I've never met the man, don't know anything," he insisted.


When Wallace protested: "But you've received money from [one of his Indian tribe clients]," the top Democrat shot back: "Make sure that all your viewers understand - not a penny from Abramoff. I've been on the Indian Affairs Committee my whole time in the Senate."
When the Fox host pressed again on the Abramoff-linked donations, a flustered-sounding Reid continued to stonewall, saying: "I'll repeat, Abramoff gave me no money. His firm gave me no money. He may have worked [at] a firm where people have given me money. But I have – I feel totally at ease that I haven't done anything that is even close to being wrong."

Bottom line folks when you read shit on blogs do your homework. Fucken liberals and the mainstream media will try and make this into a GOP ONLY issue. Use a little common sense!