Monday, January 02, 2006

We’re the Liberals...

We’re the Liberals, we’re so cool;
if you are not, then you’re a fool.
We know what’s right so listen well;
if you don’t want to go to hell.
We are kind, and good, and right;
we want peace, don’t make us fight.
We’ll show you all a better way
if you will let us have our say.
Just sit there mute, with open eyes,
and listen to why we despise
the other side, who want to steal
your government, and so we feel
only morons don’t realize
we clearly see why we despise
all those who took our power away;
they’re greedy thieves who want to sway
the hearts and minds of weaker folk;
if you believe them, that’s a joke.
We know the law and all the facts
you’re just stupid if you can’t see that
we know what’s best, in peace or war,
we’ve told you that ten times before.
We’re the liberals, we’re so cool
and if you’re not, then you’re a fool.
Why won’t you listen when we say
be just like us
for better days.
Where everyone is helped to be
the type of folks we like to see.
The ones with which we can agree
about what’s best for liberty.
We will speak out and tell you true
you are so dumb without a clue.
Why won’t you listen? You must be
another blight on history.
Our eyes are clear, our motives pure.
We’ve got the answer. We’re the cure.
We’re the liberals. We’re so cool.
Join us soon. Or stay a fool.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn, Snoop, you've been busy today. I just sit down to blog and find that you've took the best stuff already...

FWIW, McCain took the movie role because he's an arrogant ass. It wasn't about the money (measley couple hunnerd bucks that he had to give to charity by law... no, he gets no charity points), but about being in the spotlight. This after he publicly chided Hollywood during the presidential race for selling this kind O crap to the kiddies. Ah, well, another DC hypocrite.

But this scares me to death: Sen Clinton is now asking the FTC to look into how hackers could have set up a naughty addon to GTA-San Andreas. Of course, it proves she's clueless (why not look for naked Lara Kroft hacks, too?) and also that she's moving to the right. You've mentioned that.

But the scary thing is that if she follws McCain's example, she'll be appearing in a naked movie or vid game as well.

Sorry for the bad visual. Just had to get it off my chest...

El B

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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