Friday, January 06, 2006

We Need Help With Our Image

The following blog: had the zone listed as one of the blogs with stories about the racists builder who touted the absence of Negros as a selling point.

Now I have the links dude had listed on the blog. I had no idea how much this was circulated throughout blogland. Now this tis not the reason for my post.
I’m just wondering....

Do you white people have to be SOLD on the absence of Negros in a given area?
It’s not like white people have to go out of their way to get away from Negros.
If I’m not mistaken Negros are still only 12.5 percent of the population and, not a whole lot of them own homes. In addition, most Negros try to avoid areas with “significant” white populations.
Unless there are no alternatives, Negros will actually “buy down”, by that I mean they will look to purchase homes in lesser neighborhoods to be closer to other Negro families.
In order for Negros to even have a chance at purchasing homes in nicer neighborhoods there must FIRST be job opportunities!
If you don’t see Negros working near you, they sure as hell won’t be living near you.

This does not have to be Utah, shit this could be anywhere!

Utahania - "bigg"er just got WHITER!-

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Deseret Morning NewsRacial Bias Boasted On Home Builder's Web Site-

KUTVSite boasts of low black population in Eagle Mountain-

Daily Herald - Hooray! No black people!-

Sploid - Web Site for Development Cited Below-Average Black Population-

The Snoop Zone - Utah homebuilder used race as selling point I REMOVED THE POST

Cocoposts - Lovely, lovely people-

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blobert - How Many Black People Does It Takes to Make White People Uncomfortable?-

The Truth*Just Wow- Article Online


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