Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Interesting Reads

By Neil Bortz:

According to National Review's Michael Ledeen, Osama Bin Laden died from kidney failure last month and is buried in Iran. I guess the only way to know for sure is to dig him up and do a little DNA testing.

We haven't had a candidate for Senate who has this much chance of winning since Alan Keyes ran against Barack Obama. John Spencer, who is running against Shrillary, criticized The Hildabeast for being weak on national security.

Paul Bremer, who used to be in charge in Iraq, now says the biggest problem in Iraq was....not enough troops. Of course, he's pushing a book...a motive the mainstream media never seems to recognize. How does government lift a million people a month out of poverty?

Thomas Sowell says you won't believe what country is doing it: China. This one should really make the left wet its pants. The Republican Congress is increasingly bought and paid for, sending pork home to their constituents and wallowing in the pleasures of power.

George Will reports. Ted Kennedy quoted a study in his opening statement at yesterday's confirmation hearings for Samuel Alito. The accusation: defendants don't get a fair hearing in Alito's court room.

Byron York takes a look at this so-called "study."The left is continuing their effort to demonize Samuel Alito...but David Limbaugh says it all comes down to the fact that Alito is just not enough of a right-wing extremist for liberals.

Gas prices are going up again....and while the left will jump up and down and blame George Bush, they will do nothing to actually bring the prices down. You know, like drill for more oil in the United States and build more gasoline refineries.

Senator John Kyl says Congress should make some New Years' resolutions of their own....and one of those includes border enforcement. Good luck...doesn't seem to be much political will on either side of the aisle to do anything about the problem of illegal aliens.

Speaking of illegal immigration, Mort Kondracke opines that the president needs to talk some sense into his fellow Republicans when it comes to immigration.


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