Friday, December 23, 2005

Snooprant: From shopping to Civil liberties


Ok Snoop got out amongst the world to do some Christmas shopping over the last few days and it was a subtle reminder why I hate shopping so much.
It's clear why people are in such debt today. People are more than willing to part with their money with a minimal attempt by stores to deceive the shopping masses.
I peeped the mens section of “The Jones Store” a store that I usually like and a store that on occasion has some good deals. But I looked at the prices at their shit and was completely caught off guard by the prices and the not so subtle deception.
They has shit marked off (30, 40 and 50 percent) and basic shirts, polos, pants, ties were ridiculously overpriced. I do enough shopping to know the basic value of various clothing items and shoes to know what is a good price and what is not.
I overhead one lady talk about how she thought the prices “could not be beat.”
I overheard people rave about the bargains in these stores and I was just dumbfounded by the utter stupidity of these folks.
Think for a minute people, if you are Christmas shopping for lets say your husband and you rarely, if ever shop for shirts, pants and ties how the fuck would you know if it’s a good bargain if you only did this type of shopping during the holiday shopping season?
Kohls is the best example of a store that has “sales” every fucken day. Their shit is not on sale people if it’s the same fucken price everyday!
If stores say a price is marked 40 or 50 percent off does it not occur to people that the baseline price was raised to get it back in line with the regularly posted price.
The “sale” sign at the top of the rack is only for “effect”.
Snoop’s not tryin’ to tell you how to spend your money but damm, I swear these idiots were out in mass.


It’s apparent that I don’t peep the malls much. We don’t have one here in Lawrence
(thank God)but Mom and I browsed the one in Topeka.
In addition to my astonishment with stupid shoppers, I was equally as astonished with the rudeness and belligerence of the children accompanying many of these parents.
Now I know children are generally more fucked up today, but DAMM!
I listened as one loudmouth teen basically verbally bitched slapped her mother, even at one point referring to her mom as “retarded” and “stupid.”
Another kid threw a toy at her mom, after her mother informed her that she would not be receiving that particular toy for Christmas.
Other kids either hitting (yes physical contact) or just flat out ignoring their moms was commonplace.
The one thing that stood out was that most of these were little girls.
What is in the water these days that causes little girls now to grow up and be such crazy little bitches.
Have I missed something?


As I mentioned in the other post liberals are bitching and moaning about how the Bush administration is striping the American citizens of civil liberties.
I keep thinking about this more and more because I honestly wonder are people truly concerned about this issue because they are concerned about society at large or is it just bullshit talk?
I think back to when my kids were little, hell I regularly phone tapped their conversations and paid close attention to visitors and on certain circumstances would search through possessions.
I have always believed that kids don’t have rights, fuck em. My house was a dictatorship and rightly so. My belief was the better your grades were in school, the more freedom I would give you. Hence my oldest daughter was given far greater leeway that my two younger children.
But I use to always say to them, why would you care if you don’t have shit to hide?
All of these pretend civil liberty advocates bitching about the perceived loss of freedoms makes me wonder. What do YOU have to hide?
Typical liberal hypocrisy on this issue.
Remember when Robert Bork was eyeing the Supreme Court, liberals went through his video and library rentals to dig up dirt on him.
Liberals had no problem with going through Clarence Thomas’s trash to dig up dirt on him.
Thanks to Charles Schummer (New York - D) Michael Steel’s credit report circulated through blogsphere. You just know all niggas credit is fucked up.
Liberals wanted to peep into the medical 411 of Rush Limbaugh to discredit him. I wonder why?
You people need to get over yourselves and your grandstanding on this issue.
I posted about a website where individuals trap perverts into having conversations with them.
Some of these sick fucks would argue that this activity somehow violates some form civil liberties.
These perverts are actually trying to get laws changed to make it easier for them to molest children. Is monitoring these bastards some violation of civil liberties?

When Clinton monitored the projects for suspected drug and gang activities, where the fuck were you liberals then? It was ok, to have niggas peeped on by the President, but Bush can’t peep in on Terrorists who want to attack this country. I feel ya!

Some of you people monitor and eavesdrop on your neighbors, girlfriends, boyfriends, husbands, wives, children. Employers monitor e-mails of employees and prohibit inner office relationships, is this a violation of civil liberties.
You can buy a scanner that monitors individuals phone calls. How many of you have engaged in such activity?

Bottom line if you not planing on blowing up a building, or running a fucken plane into a building Bush does not give a fuck about what you do.
So go back to monitoring your girlfriends e-mails. After you find out who the mystery man is, then give my your rant on Bush’s violation of civil liberties.