Thursday, December 22, 2005


12/25/05 UPDATE

When Snoop is bored I troll some of the extremists blogs and I find some of the most ridiculous shit white people comment about.
I tried to comment on these blogs but to no avail. I got outed by one redneck racist site. They don’t let Niggers comment, imagine that!
Since I can’t make fun of them on their sites I will post regular stupid shit they say here on the Zone.
You want to know why there is racism and why it will NEVER go away, because these bastards breed. This country is diseased with intellectual ignorance and stupidity.
These bastards lay quiet and dormant. Hence the careful screening on their blogs.
They jack off to each other’s utter stupidity.
But, keep in mind. These people are everywhere, our neighbors, friends, co-workers, church buddies.
Racism is rarely open, blatant, obvious.
Racism and racists attitudes don’t just slap you in the face where you can say: THERE IT IS! The comments are funny in some respect and alarming at the same time.
Snoop likes to have some fun at “whitey’s”” expense.

Re: The Retardation of Black Africa
Quote:Originally Posted by Trivialator
Yes because it's the main reason why blacks want to leave Africa and risk their lives just to get here. Do you think it's because they like the scenery or something?

Yes! Seriously, they come here because America is so much better. Better technology, better legal system, better politics, you name, we got it and it's better. Even our women are better. They know that, and they want that.They can't have that in Africa because while they may have been around a lot longer than some other races, they know nothing about how to build a country. America was built generation after generation after generation. In the time that America was created, 1700's to today, what happened in Africa? And the same with native Americans. Maybe they were happy living like they were. That's fine. Go grab a tipi and eat some fried rat, I don't care. Maybe the negro tribes had knowledge that we didn't. Maybe Who knows? Who cares???? I sure don't. Nor do I "have to". Maybe in another star system the negroes were a superior race. Personally I don't see how, but I do know they aren't now. They may have had the knowledge. But if you don't use it, you lose it. And they ain't using it now nor were they then. And right now it's the White Race that pushed into outer space. It's the White Race that pushed nuclear power into existance. Where are these super-brain negroes at? They're living in grass huts eating insects. And that's just fine. Let them.There are clearly very intelligent negroes. I won't discount that. Just like there are from nearly every race on Earth. But those are rare. If they want to build a space shuttle and put it into orbit, be my guest. But do it in Africa. Or Asia. Or wherever their tribe is from. I just want them to GO HOME!!!!

White Pride or supremacy, which are you?

By: 357magnum
Hmm that's a tough one.

I guess that I do see whites as superior to other races in alot of ways. But, I mean, at the same time I don't really wish any harm on other races in general. I just want whites to shed the self hating inferiority type mentality that many of us seem to have these days. Revival of the culture. Revival of our pride. We sure do have alot to be proud of. More than any other race.
This doesn't mean of course that I don't wish death upon blacks who rape white women or rob and attack white people. And it doesn't mean that I don't wish we could ship all these Zionist jews who have infiltrated our government to Israel. I just mean in general. Let them live how they want to live and let them have all the racial pride in the world if they want to. But not at my house. White folks rule over here.

By: Franz Mageson
Re: White Pride or supremacy, which are you?

Being brutally honest about the reality of nature, equal does not exist no two people are equal, let alone Races. The non-White Races when compared to the White Race are marked by there own example as being inferior, with the black Race being the bottom feeders of the Racial totem pole.
Nature has declared that there most be a superior and inferior, a top and bottom. Culture seems to be the new code word for Race. Without the Race that built the Culture, Culture means nothing. We must work to de P.C ourselfs totally in all areas.

By Molitor
Re: White Pride or supremacy, which are you?

I bitterly object to the Jew program of integrating Negros and Whites. Turn on the TV, all you see anymore is Blacks with Whites, as if drilling it home to the subconscious. Grinning Mullato faces. Makes me very angry.
Blacks didn't invent anything in Africa in 4,000 years, not even the wheel. They are still primitive, and when confronted with White culture and society, they resist and revert back to their primitive savage ways, as evidenced in South Africa today or New Orleans. They learn the White man's magic, but a spade is a spade is a spade.
You could say I am a White preservationist.

From: abig_WASP!
Re: White Pride or supremacy, which are you?

I am under the idea that the term 'White Supremact' means those who adhere to the idea that Whites should rule over non-whites, which I am completly not interested in. Let them rule themselves and let them fail. At the same time there is no denying that White culture is higher than that of other races. Even people like Michael Savage (radio personality) admits that, and he is a Libertairian racial jew.
So 'yes' I believe the White race is superior, I have no interest in Whites ruling non-whites, and at the same time, I am proud of my people and culture. So all of the above with a tiny exception.
The white race always was and always will be the master race! Don’t let the Jews influence you else wise. I would love to own a plantation. We already support most minorities with taxes, might as well get some work out of them.
I can still taste the mint juleps from earlier years.

From: aprilness
White Pride or supremacy, which are you?

I assure you 'the jews' are not influencing my not wanting to rule over non-whites. We can do our own work and send the non-whites back to their own lands. Not only do I not want them working for me, I don't want to see them or live anywhere near them.
Plantations are nice, I would hire hard working Whites. Non-whites don't deserve to be anywhere near my land. Having non-whites around causes lots of problems. Namely keeping them from mating with Whites. As you should already know, 90% of Africans living in America have some amount of White genetics in them. I wonder what caused that?
Whites who want to own Negros or any other race need to move to that country and keep these non-whites out of mine.

As we celebrate this joyous holiday season....... PEACE AND GOODWILL TO ALL MEN..........LOL!