Friday, November 04, 2005

Democrats Are Blinded to Our Common Enemies

David Limbaugh

David Political parties, by definition, engage in politics – obviously. It's what they do. But the Democratic leadership is so singularly driven by partisan politics that they appear incapable of recognizing our common enemies. They sometimes even seem disinclined to stand behind America when Republicans are running it, for fear of strengthening the latter's standing.
For example, instead of recognizing the potential avian flu pandemic as a common enemy and joining President Bush in combating the problem, Sens. Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy, to name a few, reflexively chose to castigate Bush for not reacting soon and forcefully enough to prepare the nation. Their remarks were hysterical, and grossly political – even for them.
Their reaction was virtually indistinguishable from their reaction to Katrina. They were simply unable (or unwilling), through their donkey-stained lenses, to see the hurricane as the common enemy and marshal their efforts toward finding solutions. The national disaster provided too grand an opportunity to demonize President Bush.
They read of 2,000 American deaths in Iraq and think, "President Bush's deceit, imperial adventurism and mismanagement of the war have caused 2,000 Americans to die." I doubt it ever occurs to them that the casualties, though utterly tragic, have been for a noble cause – one they daily undermine.

It is even less likely that news of American deaths evokes in them a visceral contempt for our common enemy, the bloodthirsty murderers responsible for them. Such an emotion doesn't square with their delusional "Bush lied" template.

I was reminded of their monomania yet again when watching Fox News' "Special Report with Brit Hume," reporting on the terrorists' ingenuity in devising new techniques for bombing our troops and Iraqis with IEDs (improvised explosive devices).
The thrust of the story was not all negative. Fox's Bret Baier interviewed the Army's Deputy Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. James Lovelace, who said a new IED training facility is opening in Iraq to prepare incoming soldiers for the ever-changing tactics of the enemy.

"We're making every opportunity to take lessons learned and within 24 hours be able to teach that and put that back out in the field so that the leaders and the soldiers know what they're up against," said Lovelace. He said that 40 percent of the IEDs are found and identified before they blow and the casualty rate for each attack is down 45 percent.

My immediate reaction, and I would hope that of most Americans, was: "Our brave soldiers are facing daunting challenges in Iraq from a ruthless enemy and are doing everything they can to overcome them. But above all, they're dedicated to the cause of Iraqi autonomy and freedom and American security."

That was not everyone's reaction. Fox's cameras next turned to Senate Democrats Barbara Boxer and Chris Dodd, who had just emerged from a meeting with the U.S. ambassador to Iraq and were champing at the bit to slam the administration for its "lack of strategy" on Iraq.
Dodd said, "A lot more needs to be done to get this right, or you're going to continue to see an erosion of support here at home and abroad for these policies which have no end in sight."
Boxer said, "There's a growing frustration, I think, on both sides of the aisle at how slowly the training of the Iraqi troops and police force is going."
Bret Baier went on to report that our senior commanders say Iraqi forces now number more than 200,000, with a goal of 325,000. Gen. Lovelace explained that though most Iraqi units still need U.S. support, "the little-reported fact is that Iraqi troops are controlling more and more battle space." He pointed out, for instance, that U.S. troops have moved out of a large part of Baghdad as Iraqi forces are controlling security there.
According to Lovelace, the transition may not be occurring as fast as the American people want, but he sees considerable "progress." You can be sure that "the glass is 90 percent empty" Democrat leaders are among those who see little progress.

But Senate Democrats really outdid themselves this week in creating a false crisis to invoke an esoteric Senate rule to call a closed meeting to demand resumption of a redundant investigation that was already in the process of being wrapped up. To call it a political stunt is euphemism on stilts.

The profound irony of all this is that as long as Democrats continue in this mode – and they seem to have abandoned all others – they radically decrease their chances of returning to the position of national power they crave.


Snoopitorial: Re-build New Orleans? Not with my tax dollars!

I was peeping Meet the Press over the weekend and Tim Russert got on his little high horse about New Orleans. He talked about how Bush boldly jetted into NOLA with light blazing and told the people that we are about to embark on the largest reconstruction in world history. Or something like that.
I knew he (Bush) was bullshitting when he said it at the time mainly because by the time the city is shinny and new and the ribbon cutting ceremonies are taking place he would not be president!
You build your legacy while president, not after.
Unless you fucked up royally like Carter or you get blown by an intern, well you know.
Some of you won’t like this but hey, then I Snoop would not be doing my job.
When those dumbasses kept bitching and complaining about the “FEDERAL” response and you have people like that redneck who boo hooed on Meet the Press (we later found out he was lying anyway) and having it all come together when jackass Kayne South uttered the famous words “Bush don’t like NIGGERS!”
Trust me, that tis what he said. You just did not read between the lines.
Well, human nature being what it is, if I were president I would have said to myself “fuck you then". I won’t rebuild your tired ass city.”

Yes the human outcry of YOU MUST REBUILD NOLA, would ring in my ear but you all know the saying. “don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”
All of those people running their mouths, and in particular Nigga Nagin acting like a stupid fuck did not help matters.
Lets get real. As long as some crazy as Nigga is mayor I would not send one fucken dime to NOLA, period!
Its not racists. Its common sense. This city and state was oozing with corruption.
It’s been months since the storm and nobody, not one political leader from the State of Louisiana has come up with a plan of action. They have sat on their asses for months.
It is not the Feds role to hold these idiots by the hand and tell them what to do and how to do it.

Let me address some of the obvious rants for those of you ready to punch your monitor.
Nobody can deny New Orleans' cultural primacy or its historical importance.
After my first visit a couple of years ago, I too loved the place.
But use a little common sense. Do you think spending billions of dollars rebuilding levees that MAY NOT hold back the next storm makes sense to you?

C’mon folks just what sort of place did Katrina destroy?
Most of you white folks who want to tout the city's romance are not dealing with reality.
What “was” the reality for most who live there was a VERY poor place, with about 27 percent of the population of 484,000 living under the poverty line, and it's a very "Negro" place, where 67 percent were Negros.
65 percent of families living in poverty in NOLA, no husband was present.
Where the poverty cases lived, Katrina hit the hardest.
No, you conspiracy junkies, there was not some evil mysterious white person in a KKK robe who blew up the levees. You know why? Because geniuses, the poor folks were already rooted there.
Why flood them out and scatter financially and educationally challenged individuals all over the freaken country?
NOLA’s public schools, which were 93 percent black, were a miserable failure.
The state of Louisiana rated 47 percent of New Orleans schools as "Academically Unacceptable" and another 26 percent are under "Academic Warning." About 25 percent of adults have no high-school diploma.
The damm place was a third world country before the storm.
Oh and don’t get me started on the police there.
Tulane did a research study where researchers enlisted the police in an experiment in early 2004.
They had officers fire 700 blank gun rounds in a New Orleans neighborhood in an afternoon. Nobody, NOT ONE FREAKEN PERSON picked up the phone to report the shootings.
No wonder the city's homicide rate stands at 10 times the national average.
Want more evidence out of 188,000 occupied homes, about half were occupied by renters.
Anyone who owns a home know how disastrous that is.
Only a sadist (OR MY MAN JENNINGS) would insist on resurrecting this concentration of poverty, crime, and deplorable schools.
But that's exactly what NOLA cheerleaders, both natives and WHITE beignet-eating tourists are actually advocating. They predict that once they drain the water and scrub the city clean, they will restore New Orleans to its former "glory".
But let me state something more telling.
The ONLY people that would benefit from the rebuilding of NOLA would be the
Wealthy white workers, the folks who provided the city's tax base. But they are not likely to return anyway.
Will the doctors, lawyers, accountants, and professors have jobs to return to?
Of course not.
Many businesses are expected to relocate completely. Unless the federal government adopts New Orleans as its ward and pays all its bills for the next 20 years an unlikely to ridiculous proposition NOLA won't be rebuilt.
Restoring NOLA would be reverse welfare. Instead of it going into the pockets of poor darkies it would go to money grubbing conniving white folks looking to get rich off the gubment.
C’mon, lots of us want to talk a good game of watching gubment spending. But when your own fucken pockets are being lined with dead presidents all of a sudden gubment spending don’t sound so bad!
Rich white people are still getting paid from the hurricanes of two years ago.
I wrote some time ago about one white dude who had his “summer” home rebuilt twice in the Florida Keys.
People buying new boats and Hummers off the gubment tit.
This kind of welfare is non-partisan.

New Orleans won't disappear completely. The French Quarter, the Garden District, West Riverside, Black Pearl, and other elevated parts of the city will survive until the ultimate storm takes them out and maybe even thrive as tourist destinations
They should just make the town one big museum and tourist stop.
As for resurrecting this cesspool of monumental liberal corruption and failure, if I were Bush I would ignore it too.

None of these people bitching and moaning about rebuilding NOLA has said one damm thing about what to do with the former poor folks who wasted away there.
This city was a glaring example of liberals gone wild.
There is actually talk of the state government paying for chartered jets to bring people back to vote in the next set of elections.
The liberals who ran the damm place did not give a rats ass about them before the storm wants to kiss their asses now. These people were too clueless to understand that voting for corrupt liberal fucks kept them in a perpetual state of helplessness.
“Please, come back we need your ignorance to keep us in power.”
Rebuild NOLA my ass.