Thursday, October 13, 2005


More blog scanning and I find this piece (below) from Leonard Pitts Jr.
I wanted to add a few things.

As a young kid growing up in the Bay Area and settling in an all white neighborhood I did have my share of Nigger moments. Even as an adult in the civilian world I have had countless numbers of them.
I want to mention them prior to the editorial to show I get dudes side.
Pitts brings up AGAIN the comments by Bennett but I just don’t understand the outrage. The outrage is grossly misplaced.
Couple of briefs:
As a 10 year old while on the steps of my old elementary school a bunch of us who had just returned from baseball practice had out baseball bats and were clanging them on the base of the steps and on the wooden steps of the portable buildings surrounding us.
The sound echoed to the neighborhood above and apparently, someone complained about the noise.
The police arrived several of us were bouncing the rubber tips on the end of the aluminum bats. My back was turned as the office approached us. I, the lone Negro kid out of 16 was grabbed by the police officer, walked to the car, handcuffed, and taken for a 15-minute ride in the police car. While on the ride, the office never said a word.
Again after the 15 minutes or so he asked “where do you live?” I gave my address and he quickly said: “tell me the truth, where do you live?” I told him again and he said you better not be lying or you will go to lock-up. (Whatever that meant, hey I was 10).
We got to my home, the officer got out of the car went to the door, my mother answered and officer asked, “does Snoop live here” (humor me people) after mom acknowledged he came back to the car, unlocked the handcuffs (inside the police car) and told me to get out on the rear passenger side door. The driver side was facing the house.
Now keep in mind for the first several months I lived in that neighborhood I was peeped by the police countless numbers of times whenever I walked alone home.
Black folks can't live in this particular hood.
I was accused by white neighbors of supposed mischief, I had nothing to do with bunches of times.
Lord knows I got into some stuff as any kid does, but NEVER in my own hood and certainly nothing criminal.
Hell our house was egged, many times, items stolen out of our garage, including my brothers cherished mini-bike. All in this in a pristine white bread neighborhood.
One time, I had one old white lady accused me of poring root beet on her as I passed her house on my bike. She hated that I rode my bike and skateboard down the sidewalk in front of her house. So she flat lied to get me (tried) in trouble because she did not want the little nigger boy near her home.
Fast forward to adult life. A certain job opportunity upon my departure form the Force comes up dry as the owner of this company did not realize I was Negro. Several people in the company highly recommended me. I even had a conversation with him on the phone.
Upon seeing me, he told me he had selected someone else for the position.
This happened to me on several occasions upon my extended absence from the work force.
This is particularly the reason why this particular dumbass pissed me off to no end:

“Anyone can get a job anytimne he or she wants”
“Yeah, and where were you applying for jobs at? I find it hard to believe that anyone who is unemployed for a year really "can't find a job." It's more of "I can't find a job I like." I'm not saying it's easy, but I am saying that it's a matter of dignity. Are you willing to sacrifice a small portion OF your dignity to wait tables? Or carhop? Or deliver pizzas? Did you really ever apply for jobs at any of those places? Considering the large cities you've lived in, I can't see how someone with your skill couldn't find ANY job.”

Yes, people spoken like a typical white person who lacks common fucken sense and has no idea what some black folks go through.
Little does this individual knows people with “skills” CAN’T work in a McDonalds, Burger King, or some other service segmented jobs particularly in a college town.
As much as I like my town, the labor force is grossly devoid of Negros.
I was able to get temporary work as a distribution plant for a minute but that did not last long.
My point to all of this is through unequal treatment; hassle from racists’ police fucks, Racial or at the very least very prejudicial conduct from ordinary everyday people can fuck up an individuals perspective.
This is why I find the outrage regarding Bennett’s comments comical. Average white people engage in socially destructive behavior, that hinders the progress, hopes and dreams of black people every damm day. How in the hell would someone come to the conclusion that the out of text bullshit comments of some white guy add fuel to this already arsonists fueled societal blaze?
The Bill Bennett’s of the world don’t worry me, it the white neighbor who put a note on my car on night because we did not drive it often enough. Its the white co-worker who told my boss that “she was worried about her “safety” after I told her to fuck off. Yes this old fat white curmudgeon, receptionist thinks that I would risk my job by punching her fat ass I guess.
Its the stupid white lady who at my other job needed my assistance for a major project, which I could have easily helped her with, after several nice phone conversations she was eager to get started. When she finally visited my office, I got the “oh shit, he’s a negro” look. Needless to say she mysteriously did not need my assistance any longer.
Its the white guy who I replaced at my current digs, who upon introduction, the first thing that comes out of his mouth after the “oh shit he’s a Negro” look, was what were YOUR qualifications and what is your background?
It would be more comical if it were not so common.

Yes us Negros experience this crap much too much but you just have to say screw it and try to endure.
So to Mr. Pitts tough break but, been there and back many times.

Damm Those Negros Make Me Sick!

While doing some scanning in Blogland I came across a lot of “White Anger”.
Some of it was white dudes bitching and complaining about Affirmative Action crap, Another was a discussion about Interracial dating, more angry white guy angst. Another complaining about supposed “preferential treatment” black has been getting after hurricane Katrina. Which to me is just over the top stupid.
One discussion centered around crime (centered around Bill Bennett’s comments) and a group of white guys, college aged going on about how Negros commit significantly more crimes than white.

Here is a sample:
”Some might say that I'm angry I didn't get into my #1 school (Michigan) with a 168 LSAT and a 3.5 GPA because I'm white & 1 of these 'types of people' took my spot and THEY ARE RIGHT!!! I'm pissed. I worked my butt off but... a stupid mexican with a 151 LSAT(or lower) and a 3.0 GPA s going to get in!
I honestly wish these 2 types of ethnicities would be banned from all law schools. I have yet to see a decent lawyer come out of them!
I don't know what else they could of wanted! But I guess being a white male works against me!
Before anyone thinks I'm discriminating- hear me out here! I just don't understand why these incompetent hispanics & african-americans get special treatment at law schools?
These 2 types of "ethnicities" are the major causes of all our problems in the world (gun violence, murder, rape, etc.,) and yet schools still want & love them. I mean black people make up the majority of the prison population!”

Now c’mon whitey, white people don’t commit crimes?
Since the Bennett comments I heard this a lot, amongst the outrage of his comments
I could not come up all of the hard data while doing Google University research but I did find some numbers from a report that might put this into perspective.
If anyone better a math want to solidify the number go ahead.

The Numbers
There are approximately 32 million Negros.
The total prison population is just over 2 million individuals.
Wikopedia Says “In 2002 roughly 88% of prisoners were male. About 12 percent of all black males in the United States were in prison, compared to 4 percent of Hispanic males and 1.6 percent of white males.”
12% of roughly 16 million males is 1.9 million.
There is no information as to whether these are arrests, plea bargains or trial convictions or what percent are overturned. Being ridiculously generous and saying that these are uncontested trial convictions, let us just say 'of all criminal convictions.
Negros commit 8 times more assaults than do Whites.
Negros commit 9 times more rapes than Whites.
Negros commit 14 times more murders.
Negros commit 19 times more armed robberies.

If Negros are 39% (total prison population) of 2 million that makes 780,000.
Without doing any calculation there are obviously not enough Negros in prison.
Either these are not convictions, or America’s police are incapable of arresting Negro criminals. These are arrest statistics, which means Negros are arrested by a far margin greater than whites are convicted. I’m confused

Source of Crime: More Google University research says Negro neighborhoods are 35 times more violent than White communities.
No hard data again, but preliminary stats tell me that poor whites much are more well integrated into middle class neighborhoods than are poor Negros. This means essentially that you are not comparing Negro with white neighborhoods but largely poor with largely middle class neighborhoods and substituting race.
There are more poor white folks overall, but they live in better neighborhoods.
Negro poor folks are concentrated in mostly Negro neighborhoods.
Only a small proportion of the overall population lives in the poorest neighborhoods.
Of the people in poverty, Negros more than doubles their overall representation.

Interracial attacks:

There were 629,000 interracial attacks committed in 1985. Nine out of every 10 attacks were committed by Negros against Whites. The 1 left over was mixed attacks against Negros.
These are not official FBI statistics on hate crime. It cannot be proven in any way that these crimes were or were not racially motivated.
Negros make up 12% of the population (thus Negro males are 6%).
Negros make up 39% of the nation's prison population.
6% of the population is responsible for 39% of the crime?
Snoop is confused.
Negro males are already in prison therefore making up about 780,000 people. or .39/32 of the Negro population = 1.3% of all Negros by the above figures. However those people *are already in prison* and pose no threat to society.
Are Negro being cloned somewhere without white folks knowing?
Not likely. Hence Snoop’s confusion.
If some racists fuck out there wants to convince me that there is a Negro behind every bush (see its his fault again) waiting to pounce on a whitey then go ahead.
It must be awful to be white and fail when everything is in your favor. Blame a nigger is I guess some consolation.