Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Police say two tied up 911 lines to cover crimes

KEIZER, Ore. - A 34-year old Keizer man and a 17-year-old have been arrested for allegedly placing bogus 911 calls in order to divert attention from their own crimes.
Christopher Satti-Ernstsen, 34, and Colten Webber, 17, face numerous charges after police say they placed multiple calls to 911 operators claiming their step-father had collapsed in a park.
While police and emergency crews drove around on a wild goose chase, police say Satti-Ernstsen and Webber would break into cars and businesses.
Investigators say the 911 calls would run up to 20 minutes, at which point the suspects would simply hang up.
Police finally caught up with the pair when an off-duty Keizer police officer spotted them as they were breaking into a skateboard shop on River Road North in Keizer, near Salem.
Police say the crimes are particularly frustrating because the 911 calls tied up resources that could have been used to help others who had legitimate emergencies.

STUNNED Colin Cousins returned from a pub night out to find this Vauxhall Astra “buried” nose-down in his driveway.
The fork-lift driver was greeted by the amazing sight just before his 49th birthday.

But he quickly realised it was a revenge act by chum Ady Feeney, landlord of his local — Southampton’s Bridge Tavern.

car was cut in half

Colin was among regulars who re-painted the pub as a prank.

Ady, 43, said: “We cut a car in half and put its rear end on the drive. Colin was shocked, but took it well.”

Colin admitted: “He got me.”