Friday, September 30, 2005

So-called 'authentic' street culture is just plain destructive


When we look at the ongoing crisis in the depths of black America, it is sometimes hard to understand why there was such an explosion of outrage at Bill Cosby. One would have thought that he did the very worst thing possible when he called on the carpet the self-destructive behavior that separates prosperity from poverty. What Cosby showed was how dangerous defensiveness in face of the facts can be to any serious discussion of poverty.
Poverty and ignorance have always been well-acquainted. Part of the problem at the bottom is ignorance. Part of the problem of those who suffer from it is those in the black middle class who pretend to be engaged intellectuals but come up with nothing more than long-winded dismissals of accurate observations as some variation of "blaming the victim."
I began thinking more about this when I read in The New York Times about the health problems in Nigeria that are being addressed with the hard science of medicine rather than a "respect" for indigenous culture that allows backward ways to maintain themselves. Young women who are suffering from fistulas, a problem largely gone from Western life, are being treated by European doctors who take the catastrophe seriously. These young women find themselves with babies lodged in their birth canals, which result in the tearing of their bowels or their urethras. In the backward way of people who live at least part of their lives in the world of incapacitating superstition, these girls are usually rejected in exactly the same way as the rape victims of marauding African "revolutionary" troops who turn available women into sex slaves.
None of these problems are determined by genetics or are explained by the superstitions of racism. The human being is a learning animal. Any barbaric tradition can be rejected in the face of education.
What we need in America is the same kind of hard science that has no sentimental investment in authenticity or diversity when it amounts to ways of living that are self-destructive.
An ignorant person never represents an ethnic group or a religion. An ignorant person represents, most of all, every other ignorant person - regardless of color, sex, ethnicity, class, religion or any other particulars.
Once those facts are faced, we can get to work on changing the popularization of backward ideas and barbaric behavior that the popular media promotes as "pushing the envelope," which can result in middle class black parents finding their well-reared children aspiring to be the knuckleheads and street hussies.
A belief in education, the development of skills and the refinement of character are the best weapons against backwardness of the self-destructive sort. People like Cosby and Oprah Winfrey understand this well, and we would do ourselves a favor by getting up on the level of perception from which they are making clear observation in the most important terms, the human ones that are always stronger than tired rhetoric and predictable ideology.

Snoopitorial: The Bennett Issue

Those of you who are smart enough can read between the headlines.

THE LIBERALS HEADLINE Ex-Ed Secretary: Abort Black Babies, Crime Would Plummet

Keep in mind this is an individual who is AGAINST ABORTION!

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and other Democrats are demanding Bennett apologize for linking the crime rate with the abortion of black babies.


It began with Bennett taking issue with a recent book that theorized that one reason crime is down because abortion is up.

BENNETT SAID "the idea of supporting abortion to reduce crime was “morally reprehensible.”

Bennett the author of “The Book of Virtues,” answering a caller’s question, took issue with the hypothesis put forth in a recent book that one reason crime is down is that abortion is up.

BUT this is not new people....

From one article: August 16, 1999

News reports last week suggested a startling explanation for decreasing crime in America's major cities. Murders, other violent crimes, and theft have all been going down. Why? Better policing? Better social policy? A strong economy? Perhaps. But none of these offers the major explanation, according to economist Steven D. Levitt and law professor John J. Donohue III. They hypothesize that half of the decrease in crime may be due to the high rate of abortion in the United States since the U.S. Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision in 1973.

Here's their reasoning. The greatest decline in criminal behavior is due to fewer offenses now being committed by people under 25. Those at greatest risk of committing crimes, once they become adults, are born to "the women most likely to have abortions"—"teenagers, unmarried, and African Americans" (Washington Post, 8/10/99). Moreover, the decline in the crime rate first showed up in states that had the highest rates of abortion. Thus, they conclude, crime may be down because fewer potential criminals were born, starting about 25 years ago.
Has abortion thus been a good thing? Should it be encouraged even further as a crime-prevention measure? Professor Levitt admits that their hypothesis cannot be proven with a high degree of scientific certainty. However, we should not be surprised, he says, that, with a quarter of all pregnancies in the United States ending in abortion, there have been very significant social effects.


Where was the outrage them? Hmmmm
Question for you pro abortions warriors, with Roe v Wade did the Supreme Court drive down the American crime rate during the later Nineties? Your pro abortion stance would be that aborting millions of "unwanted" fetuses in the Seventies meant that the "wanted" babies who were allowed to be born were less likely to grow up to be vicious thugs, killas and hustlas’ in the Nineties. Thus, a sharp fall in crime thanks to legal abortion. RIGHT?
If this was true you would be jumping for joy RIGHT?

Pro-abortionists, who don't want public discussion on this theory because it would be viewed as some kind of a "pre-natal capital punishment," a way to snuff out "undesirables." Since Negros undergo three times as many abortions as whites per capita, this reason for backing legal abortion is particularly appealing to unreligious white racists.
Liberal pro-abortion types don’t want to be tied to these people.

"Unwanted" fetuses are I guess more likely to commit crimes when they grow up, so allowing their mothers to get rid of them ought to eventually reduce crime. Right?
However Roe v. Wade did not reduce the rate of illegitimacy, which is widely believed to contribute to crime. Illegitimacy shot upwards in a straight line from the 60's to today. The legalization of abortion had no affect on this trend.
Levitt and Donohue stated that the crime rate started to fall about 18-20 years after Roe v. Wade in 1973. However, this also implies that these same individuals born soon after 1973 should have grown up to be especially law-abiding teens in the early Nineties. Did they?
NO! Instead, this generation born after Roe v. Wade went on the worst youth murder spree in American history. Crime stats show the murder rate in 1993 for 14-17 years olds (who were born in the high abortion years of 1975-1979) was 3.6 times higher than that of the kids who were 14-17 years old in 1984 who were born in the pre-legalization years of 1966-1970. Over the same time span the murder rate for those 25 and over all born before legalization dropped 6%.
What about Negro children alone? Levitt and Donohue suggest that their behavior should have "benefited" whites folks as well. Instead, their murder rate grew as well.
Illegitimacy rates soared during the Seventies because legalizing abortion
finished off shotgun weddings. The Pill shifted responsibility for not getting pregnant from the boyfriend to the girlfriend. Then, legal abortion relieved the sperm donor of the customary duty of making an “honest woman” out of his woman.

Bottom line of all of this mess is liberals don’t really want to “go there” in this argument.
Jackasses Reid and Kennedy should have just kept their mouths shut.
Again liberals DESPERATE attempts to trash republicans on SOMETHING, ANYTHING will continue to backfire on them.
Liberals who normally have no use for Negros sure love to jump on the “protect a nigga” campaign when they think it scores political points.

From the Daily Kos on this story:
“Just a note I find this story horrible. I am white, but I strongly dislike hate of any kind. I don't care if you are black, white, gay, TG, or straight we are all part of the one race that is HUMAN RACE.”

U liberals are so full of shit it a wonder you can sit down.

How Planned Parenthood Duped America

(This article first appeared in the January 20, 1992 edition of Citizen magazine)

At a March 1925 international birth control gathering in New York City, a speaker warned of the menace posed by the "black" and "yellow" peril. The man was not a Nazi or Klansman; he was Dr. S. Adolphus Knopf, a member of Margaret Sanger's American Birth Control League (ABCL), which along with other groups eventually became known as Planned Parenthood.

Sanger's other colleagues included avowed and sophisticated racists. One, Lothrop Stoddard, was a Harvard graduate and the author of The Rising Tide of Color against White Supremacy. Stoddard was something of a Nazi enthusiast who described the eugenic practices of the Third Reich as "scientific" and "humanitarian." And Dr. Harry Laughlin, another Sanger associate and board member for her group, spoke of purifying America's human "breeding stock" and purging America's "bad strains." These "strains" included the "shiftless, ignorant, and worthless class of antisocial whites of the South."

Not to be outdone by her followers, Margaret Sanger spoke of sterilizing those she designated as "unfit," a plan she said would be the "salvation of American civilization.: And she also spike of those who were "irresponsible and reckless," among whom she included those " whose religious scruples prevent their exercising control over their numbers." She further contended that "there is no doubt in the minds of all thinking people that the procreation of this group should be stopped." That many Americans of African origin constituted a segment of Sanger considered "unfit" cannot be easily refuted.


HUD chief foresees a 'whiter' Big Easy

Careful people, this is not some evil plot by Republicans. I know you conspiracy theorists out there wants to blame Bush for this but this gentrification thing is not new. Liberal Democrats will bitch and moan about this because it is about VOTES.
Below there is a link for more 411 about gentrification and its effects on cities.

By Brian DeBose

A Bush Cabinet officer predicted this week that New Orleans likely will never again be a majority black city, and several black officials are outraged.
Alphonso R. Jackson, secretary of housing and urban development, during a visit with hurricane victims in Houston, said New Orleans would not reach its pre-Katrina population of "500,000 people for a long time," and "it's not going to be as black as it was for a long time, if ever again."
Rep. Danny K. Davis, Illinois Democrat and a member of the Congressional Black Caucus, quickly took issue.
"Anybody who can make that kind of projection with some degree of certainty or accuracy must have a crystal ball that I can't see or maybe they are more prophetic than any of us can imagine," he said.
Other members of the caucus said the comments by Mr. Jackson, who is black, could be misconstrued as a goal, particularly considering his position of responsibility in the administration.
"I would beg and hope that the secretary, if that is what he is saying, would re-evaluate the situation," said Elijah E. Cummings, Maryland Democrat.
Mr. Jackson, whose remarks were reported by the Houston Chronicle, said New Orleans might reach a population of 375,000 people sometime late next year with a black population of about 40 percent at the highest, down from 67 percent before Hurricane Katrina sent a storm surge that overwhelmed New Orleans levees and flooded 80 percent of the city.
The population of New Orleans before Katrina was a little less than 500,000, surrounded by large, predominantly white suburbs. The largely black Ninth Ward and the predominantly white middle-class Lakeview section near Lake Pontchartrain were overwhelmed by floodwaters.
Mr. Jackson, a former developer and longtime government housing official, said the history of urban reconstruction projects shows that most blacks will not return and others who want to might not have the means or opportunity. His agency will play a critical role in the city's redevelopment through various grant programs, including those for damaged or destroyed properties.
In the storm's aftermath, the Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rep. Maxine Waters, California Democrat, charged that relocating evacuees across the country was "racist" and designed to move black people, who overwhelmingly vote Democratic, out of Louisiana. The state elected its first Republican senator, David Vitter, in nearly a century in 2004.
Both the preacher and the congresswoman suggested that the residents be housed at the closed England Air Force Base at Alexandria, La., to keep them closer to home.
Rep. Bobby L. Rush, Illinois Democrat, said Alphonso Jackson's remarks and the prospects of real-estate speculators and developers in New Orleans are "foreboding."
"Gentrification is a demon that is looming on the landscape, and we have to be aware of it and vigilant. ... Right now, I don't know if the resistance to it is strong enough," Mr. Rush said.
He said a history of forced removal of blacks from their homes and property cannot be ignored as the reconstruction moves forward.
Two weeks after Katrina, the Congressional Black Caucus issued an eight-point action plan that calls for residents to get the first right of return to the area, that New Orleans residents get first choice of construction jobs and rebuilding contracts and that voting rights be protected.
Many evacuees from the Ninth Ward will likely never be able to return, Mr. Jackson said. He told Mayor C. Ray Nagin that it would be a mistake to rebuild that part of town, the lowest-lying section and prone to flooding.
Mr. Davis said that despite history, he does not think New Orleans will see black migration similar to black migration from Mississippi after the 1927 flood that inundated hundreds of thousands of acres in Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana. Many black farmers and field hands fled to Chicago, Detroit and other cities for a better life in the Midwest.
"New Orleans is not a plantation, not a farm, and I think there will be many efforts to make sure there will be affordable housing and construction job training for residents to rebuild and have the option to return home," he said.