Sunday, September 04, 2005


This is a sad state of events. It’s 2005 and black people still act like they are on the plantation.
All of these black public officials, the black folks in New Orleans and some idiot lady I saw on the CBS Sunday Morning show today, wondering why President Bush does not give a damm.
The gubment does not care.
Black people reaching out their hand to the (masa’) “cause we can’t fend fo ourselves.”
On the one hand “the man” you white people out there are keeping us down....but at the same time when the white man flies his helicopter over you to try and help, your thinking lets pop a cap in his ass.
Oh, question for ya’ll....we don’t care about the black folks in New Orleans but we care a little about the black folks in Mississippi? Just wondering....I’m confused.
Black folks have not been slaves for generations, but we whine and blame.... and at the same time reach out our hands. “Masa’ wees needs yours help”.
Fuck that. I’m sick of hearing this bitching and whining. I don’t now nor have I ever gave a fuck about what some president thought of me. My self esteem or self worth is not, not could it ever be measured by how much a president supposedly “cared”.
Yes I’m sure Bush just sat his ass in the White House and said, “oh no, lets not send those helicopters, food and water there yet. I WANT some of those people to die first. I don’t care”
If this is your thinking without honestly viewing ALL aspects of the situation then you are either ignorant or foolish.
The media and Democrats will use the faces of poor, dying, desperate black people as political capital. See you NEED us. We can and will feed you, provide shelter, give you a life. Yes, a life of continued dependency.
Just watch, in the care packages people will hand to the victims, you will find a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, candy bars and a voter registration card and a sympathy card from Howard Dean.
Remember, Snoop said it first.