Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Oh Well, Niggas will be Niggas

Well since the major news media outlets can't say what I’m about to say, nor can the NAACP, Black Press USA, Oprah, Ebony and remember white folks you can’t say it either or you will be branded a racists!
I’ll consider myself the OTHER representative view of niggas behaving badly.

I hope that you peeped the tired piece of bullshit above, although written 3 years ago you will see similar pieces in black publications in the weeks to come. Consider what we are seeing on TV today. Fucken black (police officers!) going into Walmart in plain view of network cameras stealing shoes, televisions, FUCKEN SAINTS JERSEYS!
A city that continues to fill up with water and thousands of people likely trapped in attics of homes and badly in need of assistance for able bodied individuals and these crazy bastards are carting baskets full of shit that they cannot possible use.
One clip I saw was a dude carting off a TV on his shoulders. In stunned amazement I was trying to comprehend the utter stupidity of this dude. Just what the fuck did he think he was going to be watching on that TV tonight, tomorrow, next week, next month! YOUR TOWN IS FLOODING, THERE IS NO, NOR WILL THERE BE ANYTIME SOON ELECTRICITY YOU DUMBASS!!

All of these fucken chickenheads scrambling to grab goods and possessions that are now meaningless in the grand scheme of things. What makes it worse these are the fucks who will be screaming at President Bush and the Federal Gubment to HELP THEM!
Firefighters, National Guard members will leave their homes and families and risk their lives trying to save some of these bastards and I guarantee you the black establishment will sweep this ridiculous behavior under the rug and excuse it like the fucken idiot above did.
They will say if whitey would have put more money in the hands......(NOTICE I SAID PUT, GIVE, HAND OUT WHATEVER), the looting would not have occurred. BULLSHIT!
Want to know why black incarceration rates are so high, unemployment, dropout rates, teen pregnancy, just fucken name it you are watching it unfold in New Orleans.
In a time of such terrible tragedy and the need of assistance e from our fellow man these niggas resort to the lowest common denominator of human behavior.
Kids that are watching their parents, relatives or if I can use the term adult role models loosely will almost certainly guarantee another generation of under achieving, lazy, selfish fucks who will sit on their ass cry to the gubment for assistance and say whitey made me do it.
Check out what is already being circulated as an excuse:

Why the neglect? Though it is best known as a tourist destination, New Orleans is one of the poorest cities in the U.S., with a population that is 67 percent African American. In the parish, or county, of Orleans, 34 percent of households live below the federal poverty line--an issue that was the focus of a new community coalition at a meeting just a few days before Katrina hit.

"Affluent white people fled the Big Easy in their SUVs, while the old and car-less--mainly Black--were left behind in their below-sea-level shotgun shacks and aging tenements to face the watery wrath," activist Mike Davis wrote of the evacuation plans for Ivan. "New Orleans had spent decades preparing for inevitable submersion by the storm surge of a class-five hurricane. Civil defense officials conceded they had 10,000 body bags on hand to deal with the worst-case scenario. But no one seemed to have bothered to devise a plan to evacuate the city’s poorest or most infirm residents."


I’m a bit embarrassed and ashamed. These lack of priorities is what Bill Cosby has been ranting about for years. The black press, the Jessie Jackson’s, Al Sharpton, NAACP and every other black organization will stay silent, they won’t say shit. They won’t offer assistance they will only bitch and complain about Bush and whiteys screwing them over. Putting these people in a position to loot and behave badly. FUCK THAT!
How many times will I have to read the "400 years of oppression" shit?
Its bullshit and we all know it.
However, the black liberal establishment has a stake in keeping these people poor, ignorant and helpless.