Monday, August 29, 2005

Two Mothers - From: Right Thinking From the Left Coast

Great Post, Comparing that hack Cindy Sheehan and Sally Goodrich a mother who TRULY dedicated her time to improving the world instead of bitching about something she know nothing about and pimping herself to the media.
She was recently featured on ABC News did a feature on her. This blog does her justice.

Two Mothers

We’ve all heard of Casey Sheeehan’s mother. She’s everywhere. A Google News search for “cindy sheehan" turns up almost 16,000 references. But I’ll bet you’ve never heard of Sally Goodrich.

A North Adams educator whose son died in the World Trade Center attacks will leave for Afghanistan this weekend to see the completion of her yearlong project to build a 16-classroom school for more than 500 children ages 6 to 13.
Sally Goodrich said workers are striving to finish construction before she arrives in the country, on a trip she is determined to take despite the increase in violent incidents occurring at the Afghanistan and Pakistan border. …

The school project evolved from the Goodriches’ correspondence with U.S. Marine Maj. Rush Filson, a childhood friend of their son, who described the needs of Afghan schools. … At this point, the Goodriches’ school project is undergoing the finishing touches, which includes a protective wall around the building, at its undisclosed location in a quiet village. The school also needs furniture, landscaping and other necessities that the Goodriches hope to provide through the Peter M. Goodrich Memorial Foundation. Over the summer, an anonymous donor contributed $10,000 and more than $6,000 came from other donations.

They are building the school according to the Afghan Ministry of Education’s guidelines and funding the project through donations from American citizens.

Read the whole article for the details. Sally Goodrich took her grief and channeled it into something positive. She hasn’t prostituted the death of her son. She hasn’t attached herself to publicity whores like Code Pink, Michael Moore, or MoveOn. She chose her task, and went about it with a quiet dignity. When you go a Google News search for “sally goodrich", guess how many references turn up.