Wednesday, July 13, 2005


It has become almost acceptable to characterize welfare recipients as irresponsible, negligent baby-breeders on a free ride, courtesy of the taxpaying public. Popular portrayals are of mothers dependent on the government for support, who breed babies for the sole purpose of collecting undeserved welfare checks. And what is implied by social commentators, politicians, the media, and many Americans is that the vast majority of these women are Negro.

Yes It's clear that welfare has a Negro face. You see television or news shows about welfare, only occasionally will they show someone who is not Negro the assumption is that when you speak of welfare, you're speaking of Negro folk

The facts reveal an entirely different picture that underscores the difference between the rhetoric that would have one believe that most welfare recipients are Black and the reality that the majority of them are White. YES WHITE JACKASS!

Welfare and crime are two racially loaded issues. It's a way of talking about Black people without actually saying those Black people. Fucken racists like the KKK section below love to portray this notion as racists propaganda, while white liberals use it a bait during election season. Give these niggas some crumbs in exchange for their vote.
Racist attitudes aside it is a matter of record that White trailer trash mothers receive more than half of the checks distributed under the auspices of the Aid to Families with Dependent Children program over 55%, compared to 39.2% received by Negros. Additionally, the U.S. Census Bureau reported in February that during an average month in 1990, 61% of major assistance program participants were White, compared to 34% who were Negro.

Although the American public most often associates welfare with aid to families, the government defines all entitlement programs funded through taxes as welfare. Consequently, Social Security fits that definition.

As of December 1995, 26 million Americans were receiving Social Security retirement insurance. However, only 7.7% of the beneficiaries were Negro, while 90.4% were White. A system today that has made seniors in general, and Whites in particular, affluent however most people don't look at Social Security as part of the welfare system.

And people don't consider the National School Lunch Program, which feeds millions of low-income school children as part of the welfare system. But it is and, again, Whites are the primary beneficiaries. Compared to the 17% of recipients who were Black, 75% of the children receiving reduced or free lunches are White. Whites also receive the majority of food stamps, Medicaid and Medicare assistance, housing subsidies and veterans' benefits provided by the government.

Also fitting the definition of welfare are the corporate subsidy programs that are funded with federal tax dollars. It's been estimated that Congress funds more than 125 programs that subsidize private businesses, the overwhelming majority of which are White-owned and operated, say experts, at a cost of more than $85 billion annually.

Across the board, in nearly every category, Whites, not Negros, comprise the majority of Americans on the public dole. But why, despite the overwhelming evidence that suggests otherwise, does the negative stereotype stubbornly cling to Negros? Because of the legacy of racism. So that when you think of something negative in society, you think of Negros. When you think of something positive, you think of White people.

Another negative opinion that persists is that Negro women have multiple children in order to receive more government money.
Individual stories demonstrate that the reasons why people, whether they are Negro or White, receive welfare are as diverse as the people themselves. Statistical facts prove that there are more Whites on welfare than there are Negro, despite the rhetoric that would have the public believe otherwise. And an honest discussion of the welfare system makes it clear that it cannot be placed neatly in simple Negro and White categories. So get your facts straight you racists fucks.
Bottom line poverty is not a genetic issue it’s is an economic issue.
Whites have all of the advantages and still play the system.