Monday, July 11, 2005


Ok now you know I am speaking very serious for a change because of the lack of all caps. I received a curious but slightly disturbing, confusing note from a young woman who I will not name out of respect.
She has been reading the zone almost since I started over a month ago.
She is honestly confused and bewildered at my political points of view. Especially with her knowing, I am black.
Everything I have posted and said on my blog is contrary to what she was taught by her parents and those around her.
She has never been around blacks nor has spoken to many blacks in her lifetime, which makes the Zone to her more of an interest of sorts.
Some may remember a few weeks ago when I “jokingly” said that people who did not vote for me in the Battle of the Blog contests were racists.
She found the remark offensive. The post was pure sarcasm; I was not serious in any way.
I think I said on the post before I don’t take the battle thing seriously or personally
its simply a way to introduce folks to new posts. What counts for me is traffic, and I can assure you I receive a fair amount.
Regardless of the lack of comments many people are at least looking. Surprisingly enough less and less of my traffic is “Blog Explosion” related.
So folks are finding me, which makes this more fun.
I have fun with my blog and I don’t take myself or this blog too seriously.
FYI folks I have the best wife and job I could ever hope for. My life is pretty darn good. Blogging is a hobby people. Anybody who takes this endeavor too seriously needs psychiatric help. You need a life.
She talked about how she could not vote for my blog because of my views. She thinks my views insight hatred, and in her words “adds to the suffering” of black individuals in this country.
She stated that my blog is funny sometimes and she would like to vote for it, but cannot out of conscience.
This young woman said that my attacks on liberals are an attack on the very people who try to help blacks and other minorities receive opportunities in this country.
Pause for a moment and think about that comment......................
Let’s assume you believe that particular comment, do any of you who do feel the same way understand how dangerous that comment is?
Can anybody see how self-absorbed and self important you have to feel to think that way?
Could she not see how condescending that remark would be to another black individual?
This young woman in her heartbelieves that her goodness and caring is what is needed to provide opportunities for blacks or other minorities.
This is why I am Republican and Conservative. This is also, why I sincerely believe that liberalism is at its core destructive and corrosive to promoting freedoms and opportunities for minorities and blacks in particular.
To this young woman or anybody else who may have those same views, you need chill and get a grip on reality.
I am not about promoting a pro Republican or Pro Conservative agenda. Not everything Republicans do is sound is always correct and is always in the best interest of the country.
We all need to take a close and honest look at our views and make our case and stand up for what we believe.
However, I have always felt that those of you who consider yourself liberals are not honest with yourselves or real life.
If any of you share this woman’s thought processes they you better do some soul searching, because you are not only out of touch with reality you don’t have a clear grasp of the world around you.
Like the invitation, I extended to “Liberal Traitor”, please feel free to set me straight, feel free to try to educate me.
Peace, Snoop



Willie Windsor, 54, of Phoenix has for several years lived as a full-time baby, wearing frilly dresses, diapers and bonnets, sucking on a pacifier, eating Gerber cuisine, and habitually clutching a rag doll, in a home filled with oversized baby furniture. According to a long Phoenix New Times profile in June, the diaper is not just a prop. Windsor said he worked hard to become incontinent, even chaining the commode shut to avoid temptation, and the reporter admitted feeling "disconcert(ed)" that Windsor might be relieving himself at the very moment he was describing his un-toilet training. Apparently, Windsor's brother, ex-wife, girlfriend and a neighbor tolerate his lifestyle (though no girlfriend has yet been willing to change his diapers). Windsor is a semi-retired singer-actor and said he's been celibate for nine years. (Phoenix New Times)

Justin Breakspear, 18, was arrested in Framingham, Mass., in May and charged with illegal possession of three firearms, one of which was a .380-caliber pistol; police said it was unlikely Breakspear would claim the pistol is not his, in that on his hip is a tattoo of an exact replica of the gun. And in Glens Falls, N.Y., in May, Jason McClaskey, 25, on house arrest, was admitted to a hospital in Valhalla, N.Y., with burns over 60 percent of his body; police said McClaskey might have tried to burn the monitoring device off of his leg (though McClaskey said he was merely lighting his grill, even though it was 6 a.m., and there was no charcoal on the grill). (Worcester Telegram & Gazette

Police in Springfield, Ore., charged Pamela Ann Hemphill, 51, with theft in April after she allegedly snatched neighbor Walter Merritt's Charles Schulz-signed, original Peanuts cartoon strip, locked herself in a bathroom, removed her clothes, got under the shower, wet the cardboard thoroughly, and finally flushed the pieces down the toilet. Hemphill declined to explain; Merritt said he had no clue as to motive; and the Springfield News reporter has not yet followed up on the story. (Springfield News)