Thursday, June 16, 2005


By: Mrs. Snoop
Where did they go? I’m not talking about arcane or silly rituals. I’m referring to classic ways of behaving that take very little effort, but go a long ways in keeping the wheels of civility smoothly rolling.

Almost every day I witness someone being rude or acting like their fellow human beings are a burden to them and the world. Almost every day I speak with someone who cannot stand the majority of their fellow humans. And almost every day I hear exchanges that violate the good old fashioned manners my mama taught me.

A few examples -

When someone tells you “Thank you”, what do you respond? If you said “Thank you.” go to the back of the class. The correct answer and response is “You are welcome.” But if you didn’t know that, or don’t respond that way, you are among the majority. Listen to interviews on news programs. I have been listening for years, to no avail. Even if someone does say “you’re welcome” they always (not almost always, but always) add “thank you” to it. The proper response of “You’re welcome” is not archaic and without meaning. Responding “you are welcome” means that the other person’s thanks is acknowledged as valued and accepted. The return “Thank You” makes the exchange into a mini Chip & Dale routine. “Thank you.” “No, thank you” “Oh, no thank YOU.” Etc. Ad nauseam. I know - it’s a small thing, But it irritates me.

How about your manners on the phone. My parent’s taught me to answer the phone “S........ residence, T..... speaking”. To which the person on the other end was supposed to answer, “Hello T. This is......” Once identities were established, the conversation or request could commence with all parties knowing exactly to whom they were speaking. In this day and age of caller ID, the person answering the phone often has a pretty good idea of who is calling. But that doesn’t mean the caller has a clue who they reached. However, it is now an extremely rare thing for someone to identify themself, on either end of the conversation. I don’t know about you, but I don’t always recognize people’s voices and it sure would be nice to know (for sure) who I’m speaking to, right from the start. I bet I could pay more attention, right from the start, if I was sure who was on the other end of the line.

These are small, and perhaps petty, observations and complaints. Maybe they don’t really matter to anyone but me. Yet, when I see an increase in the number of people who HATE all other people, who cannot stand to be around fellow human beings, who are surely and rude 24/7...I wonder. Are good manners dead because so many people feel that way, or do these people feel that way because good manners are dead?

A Liberal....

Snoop lives in a great town Lawrence, Kansas. But it is close to being the national capitol of liberalism. Douglas County where Lawrence is located and Wyandotte County where Kansas City, Kansas is located were the only two counties to go Democrat during the last election.
However we do have a democrat Governor Kathleen Sebelius. Although I tend to dislike most democrats she is ok. Do not be surprised to hear her name rumored as a possible Vice Presidential running mate in 2008. our hometown blogs was a lively place during the elections. Ole Snoop had fun arguing with liberals particularly since I was greatly outnumbered, but that makes it fun.
Someone asked me, ARE YOU FOR REAL? And I had to laugh. So I showed this old post from basically spelling out why I do not trust most liberals.

POST: The Blog, The Lonely Pea
Liberal is a hollow term, and basically I dont think anything of the term in general. People simply state that they are Liberal because they say they are open minded, flexible in their thinking and understanding of the world around them. Open to new ideas and tolerant of other cultures, thoughts and mindsets.
Being open minded is not evil but the term does not accurately describe the true mind set.
Compassionate liberalism is a scary thought.
TRUE liberals are ultimate elitist, they are only tolerant of other cultures as to tap into the meaning of them or understanding them. Like visiting the zoo and gawking at the animals.
TRUE liberals believe that their intellectual superiority and supreme understanding of the world around them entitles them to micro manage the world around them.
TRUE liberals insist on telling you why YOU should not buy from a particular store,
Where you can and cant smoke, drive a certain type of car, eat certain foods, why you should not eat meat, why YOUR kids should not play video games or watch TV. TRUE liberals throw money into the ghettos because they dont want the Negros out of the ghetto they just want to make it more comfortable for them.
TRUE liberals believe that dark children learn better when surrounded by pigment challenged individuals. Poor kids SHOULD go to public schools but THEIR kids are entitled to quality education.
TRUE liberals say if Johnny does not know that 2 plus two equals four we should get him to come to grips with his answer of five and make him feel good about it.
People throw out liberal and conservative and we automatically come to basic conclusions about what the heck its suppose to mean.
TRUE liberals will actually have a meeting to discuss the plight of the non-whites in a given community and not invite the very people they are discussing.
TRUE liberals may even have a blog, discussing cultural diversity without asking varried multi-pigmented individuals what they feel is the cultural climate of a given community.
TRUE liberals are far more racists, xenophobic, govern out of pity and are just as class centered than many so called conservatives. Yes that includes the confederate flag waving, gun rack, camouflage, and card carrying NRA, 700 club watching folks.
So the term compassionate liberalism is frankly a frightening term to me.