Saturday, June 11, 2005

NIZZLE RANT! Liberals, people, Liberals.....

Sometimes I wish I did not read so many liberal blogs or blogs in general sometimes. I read the most absolute moronic drivel that is banged on the keyboards of utterly clueless individuals who believe in their hearts that they so understand the world around them better than the rest of us.

Some of you people need to take a fucken real close look in the mirror before attempting to engage in what I call habitual blogsterbation.

My focus is generally on politics because in todays environment individuals are bombarded with so much negative imagery that leads them to process bullshit that the brain would otherwise purge and dismiss. Unfortunately some folks don’t have the God given ability to use common sense when they stumble out of the bed.

Liberal public enemy number one, President G Dub Bush I bet has singlehandedly drove more people (liberals) into seeking professional mental health assistance than any president in history. But the funny thing is Bush has little or nothing to do directly with their lives.
For what seems like an eternity liberals have bitched and moaned about the so called rigged Florida ballot to the self described "nameless, faceless victims of sadism and perversion at the Abu Ghraib prison."
Like you people really care, who are you fucken kidding?
The acused Abu Grabe stuff is the same kind of sadistic perversion that goes on in American homes every fucken day. Get real!

I watched an episode of Boston Legal where this white dude went to trial because his wife wanted an annulment, cause her husband had been having sexual relations with a fucken cow!
Yes a cow names Wendy. Dude even said he fell in love with his wife because she look like Wendy (the cow)
Seems odd and gross, but I bet countless numbers of white folks engage in sexual rituals with animals. AGAIN, GET REAL!

Oh yes, let us not forget the corrupt Republican administration countless numbers of you people bitch about.
Somehow liberals have discovered that "perceived" political corruption is cause to demand the impeachment of the president.
From Babs to liberal blogsphere it is trendy to add that little "impeach Bush" tag on your blog I guess to make you either seem like or feel like you are part of the "in" crowd. You people who do this are just fucken sheep.
Any moronic individual void of simple common sense would understand the human frailties of any human endeavor, particularly individuals who serve in government. Its not a Republican or a Democrat issue it’s a human issue.

I have read where liberals have bitched like little minions that Bush has succeeded in transforming America into a haven of what one blogger described as "shameful maniacs who cheer grotesque abuse of horrified cowering men at the hands of military monsters."
Better them than than me. Given the chance these fucks would run another plane into the Sears tower or the Golden Gate if given the chance.
Trust me, these fanatics are not worth your sympathy.
Let me remind you stupid white liberals out there of something.
These bastard fucks would not be writing blogs or commenting in local newspapers about how killing or torturing your lily white assess were somehow evil disjointed, corrupt or just plain wrong.
These Muslim bastards show little empathy for your kind (the whiter you are, the better target) regardless of your bullshit meaningless rantings and your disregard for the current administration.
Liberals complain the Bush has redefined imperialism. Good, the rest of the world does not seem worthy. Get over it.

Lets switch gears, enough about politics. I’ll be the first to admit that stupidity or human frailties does not have a D or an R after the persons name. But following too much political discourse people have become programmed to think in such a monolithic way.

Anywho, Snoop has been in a fucked up mood all damm day so why not call some folks out shall we.
Who or what else does Snoop hate? Hate, such a harsh word, no? Ok dislike?
I hate telemarketers who call and interrupt my life. Yes we have the no call list, but you know the other day I received a telemarketing call on my cell phone!
Here is a clue if the last four digits end in "0000" don’t answer!

I hate people who are rude drivers on the road. No, wait, I hate most other drivers period.
Lawrence is of course a college town, and it painfully obviously that most of these students can’t fucken drive to save their life.
Just how do these bastards get a fucken license? Just askin’.

I really hate people who are racists and judgmental, oops Snoop confession, I am judgmental as hell, hell just read this blog.
But I’m am not racists. That has always been a pressing question. Can black folks be racists.
Is being a racists a state of mind. If you are a white bum on the streets can you be a racists?
If you are a black guy working in some dead end factory job can you be a racists?
Again, just askin’.

I hate people who are close-minded, oops Snoop again. I think most of the rest of the world is pretty damm dumb all around. Now Mrs. Snoop she is pretty damm smart. My mom and some others I would consider smart. But it has nothing to do with I.Q.
Good example, people who take a shit and won’t wipe their ass, or wash their hands is a fucken retard. There is a long list of trits like this but I won’t go into cause its really fucken easy to figure out.

Before writing this, what actually sparked me spiting this out in utter boredom is I read one individual (woman) who said she hated "people who think they're God's gift to humanity"
I struggled with that one cause, you know the vast majority of you bastards out there act like this.
From the fat asses prancing around Walmart taking up isle space, to the little female jackasses clomping around in what I now know are Ugg boots in incredibly short skirts in freezing temperatures.

I have mentioned this before but housewives driving Hummers to the fucken grocery store.

Parents with crude, rude belligerent children who pretend they are invisible.

People who refuse to wear deodorant. I don’t get this some, do you people not smell yourselves?
People who go to fast food restaurants, knowing they have been there a thousand times (the fucken menu has not changed Einstein)
and take forever to order. Number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 people!

Oh, for some strange reason I Snoop have been asked while shopping at several local stores, "do you work here?" Now this is puzzling to me. Ain’t a black face working nowhere in Lawrence even at the fast food joints. Does Snoop look like the only employed Negro in the city?
Oh and if you work at one of the retail stores don’t ask me if "you can help me?"
If you do you better be cute and you damm sure better know where to find my requested item!

Crap I could go on forever. The bottom line is YOU mother fuckers are jacked up.

I watched a CSI episode recently where Grissom said the simplest but most profound thing.
It was an episode about a bunch of weirdos were planning for the arrival of alien life forms and or intelligent life from other planets. Grissom basically said to this individual and I’m paraphrasing
"if there is intelligent life what make you think they would come here? If they are indeed intelligent, they will be smart enough to stay the hell away from us."
Sobering thought, but if you were an alien from another planet peeping in on us would you come here?
I is tired now. Wanna kill some time, just blog! I feel better, now time for a refill!