Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A public service announcement from your friendly neighborhood Negro SNOOP!

Instead of ranting an calling people names and telling them how stupid, pathetic, ignorant, dim witted, moronic, lame brained, crossed eyes, strung out, hopeless………they are for not knowing various traffic rules I though I would post one often overlooked traffic rule that people are not familiar with.

Read carefully folks, you too can prevent road rage.

Two-Way Left Turn Centre Lanes (also called Centre Left Turn Lanes)
Many main roads in towns in the USA and Canada have five lanes. There are two lanes in each direction plus a two-way centre lane which is reserved for use by vehicles turning left.
Two-way left turn centre lanes, also called centre left turn lanes, have solid and broken yellow lines on both sides, solid on the outside and broken on the inside. In addition they have pairs of white curved arrows on their road surface, showing the paths of two vehicles turning left in front of each other.

Two-way left turn centre lanes are also indicated by the road sign "Centre Lane For Left Turns Only". This sign always has a pair of curved arrows showing the paths of two vehicles turning left in front of each other. In one version of the sign the wording "Centre Lane" appears above the arrows and the word "Only" appears below. In the other version of the sign only the word "Only" appears below the arrows.

When a road has a two-way left turn lane, left turns are not allowed from other lanes.

Two-way left turn centre lanes must not be used for any other purpose, such as overtaking. According to the California Driver Handbook 2002 (external link verified Jul-02) you are limited to driving for about 200 feet in these lanes but the law in other states may be different.

Two-way centre lanes can be used for vehicles making left turns from a five-lane road, or into it.

When turning left into a driveway from a road with a two-way left turn centre lane, check for other vehicles, signal and enter the centre lane completely (do not leave any part of your vehicle straddling a normal lane). It is perfectly legal to stop and wait in the centre lane until a gap in the traffic allows you to complete the left turn.

When turning left from a driveway into a road with a two-way left turn centre lane, when the road is clear from the left make a left turn so as to completely enter the centre lane and pull along a short distance so as to avoid blocking other vehicles turning into the driveway. Then stop in the centre lane and wait until it is safe to pull right into the outer normal lane in the direction you wish to travel. On a busy road with fast traffic this is a highly dangerous maneuver. You often need to accelerate quickly to match the speed of the other traffic.

If the road has a two-way left turn centre lane then U-turns (if permitted) must be started from it.

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