Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Crap I did not take my meds at bedtime and I am up early and in a really cranky mood.
When I’m cranky I process “stuff”, and one thing I have been processing is the ridiculous amount of times I have watched or read the news in recent weeks and had poll number shoved down my damm throat.

I’m not particularly annoyed at what the numbers display because I, apparently unlike the major
of Americans don’t weigh my politics based on poll numbers.
So, Snoop sits down and scans some of my favorite columnists from the Drudge list, I am too lazy right now to even re-edit the all caps but I almost always read the following folks, most conservatives, but I do peep some liberals but my daily reads generally are:

Now I wish like hell I had the writing talent of these folks, Hell, I wish I had the writing talents of Misty, my guest bloggist below or El Borak. I’m certain these individuals would be able to better articulate my feelings. However, sometimes rants like this are better left to the grunts like myself because maybe members of the media and individuals will understand it better.

So anywho, this is a post specifically for the following: CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, FOX News, CBS news, Tim Russert, Chris Matthews, George Steph, (sorry dude its too early) and any other talking head bullshit show or any other news organization I might have missed.
In plain spoken Engrish, (humor me folks)
Repeat it, feel your lips burn as you say it, cool huh?

Let me be real here for a moment. If you asked me, 1) Are you satisfied about the presidents overall job approval over the last month or so? My honest answer would be NO!
2) Am I satisfied with the presidents overall job performance over the past month or so? My honest answer would be NO!
3)Did I approve of the presidents choice of Harriet Miers to the Supreme court? My answer would be NO!
4) Do I approve of Alito as his choice to the Supreme court? My honest answer would be NO!

WHY you say, because I STRONGLY believe he should have selected either a WOMAN or at least a person of color. We did not need any more fucken old white guys on the Supreme Court.
Sorry old white guys who read this but frankly you bore me and you are too predictable.

NOW, having said that, if you asked me because of my answers does that make me more likely that I would support a Democrat for president of the United States my answer would be, not no, but, HELL NO!

Bush is not perfect, he has made mistakes, his administration has screwed some things up. HOWEVER, there is not one single Democrat that I would consider for the White House at this time. There is not one single Democrat I would trust to lead this country. There is not one single Democrat I could get behind and believe that the decisions they would make would lead this country in a positive direction.

Therefore, all of you idiot news organizations who keep trolling out these bullshit poll numbers thinking that they give you (liberal news organizations) some advantage to (Democrats) in the 06' elections and hopefully in 08' elections, you are either grossly out of touch with reality or you are “stuck on stupid!”
Your poll number don’t mean JACK.

Another thing, until I have a polling agency contact me personally as to my opinion about the current political scene I think your numbers are bullshit anyway.
I turned 43 recently and I have been active in local politics for a number of years and I have been a registered voter since I was 18, (not counting the jackass Democrat who forged my name in Alabama). I have NEVER, EVER had a polling agency contact ME, about any damm thing.
In fact I personally don’t know anybody who has ever been contacted by a polling agency.
So again in my mind your numbers are bullshit! Think I’m wrong, just look at the last two Presidential job interviews folks.
Making up numbers to make this administration look bad is silly and a waste of time.
Nobody gives a fuck. Is that clean enough for you.
Nobody is paying attention, except for desperate jackass Democrats, or confused individuals who have no political ideological core.
And you know what, if a POLL NUMBER can change an individuals perception or mind set I would not want their vote anyway.
Until the Democrats come up with real ideas and a platform that people can get behind and understand, the media’s manipulation of bogus numbers is useless and counterproductive.
You do not need to be an award winning author or writer to understand and articulate this.


Anonymous BadGod said...

Now that you mention it....I have never and never known anyone to be contacted by a poll. What the fuck?

I asked you before about the polls and thank you for the reply. I must admit, I tend to lump most Reb./cons together. Must be the "liberal" media.

Bush is a moron. I bet he is a nice guy in person, but as a president....forget it. No to Alito?? Why?

Are you part of the "religous right"? I mean, Bush likes to quote the bible for shits and giggles and then says everyone is free to worship whatever...I do not believe in a higher being. Evolution baby!

Anywhoooo.... Holy shit, you guys kicked the fuck outta the huskers. You should hear the whining up here in Omaha, Ne.

No point to this comment, really.


Anonymous Snoop said...

“Bush is a moron. I bet he is a nice guy in person, but as a president....forget it. No to Alito?? Why?”

U know Brian, I don’t believe Bush is any MORE of a moron than a host of other politicians. This is not so much me defending the dude, but read some of the dumbshit that comes out of the mouths of the typical democrat. Have you listened to Ted “one more drink” Kennedy recently.

“Are you part of the "religous right"?”

Who ME!? Naw, I guess that depends on YOUR definition.

Anywhoooo.... Holy shit, you guys kicked the fuck outta the huskers. You should hear the whining up here in Omaha, Ne.

HERE IS THE SNOOP TIP OF THE WEEK, any gamblers out there....

Kansas plays #2 Texas Saturday; I bet Texas is a 25 or 30 plus point favorite. If it is that much TAKE KU AND THE POINTS, GUARANTEED WINNER!

N case you forgot KU had Texas beat last year, 4th Down and 18, one stop and the game would have been over.
KU has the # 8 Defense in the nation, they can stop Texas, the only question is can the O play decent enough not to screw the D up.

Anonymous YounGunner said...

I am the religous right.

I think Mark Twain said, "There are lies, damn lies, and statistics."

Anonymous Terrymum said...

Hey - take your meds. We don't like you when you are CRANKY!!!

Anonymous El Borak said...

"Bush likes to quote the bible for shits and giggles and then says everyone is free to worship whatever..."

Yup, only Republicans do that:

Democratic Sen. John Kerry called the Republican budget approved by the U.S. Senate "immoral" and said it will hurt cities like Manchester.

"As a Christian, as a Catholic, I think hard about those responsibilities that are moral and how you translate them into public life," the Massachusetts senator said at a rally Saturday in support of Democratic Mayor Bob Baines, who is running for re-election.

"There is not anywhere in the three-year ministry of Jesus Christ, anything that remotely suggests - not one miracle, not one parable, not one utterance - that says you ought to cut children's health care or take money from the poorest people in our nation to give it to the wealthiest people in our nation," he said...

Asked about his references to religion, he said Democrats need to talk about the morality of government choices.

"We have to reclaim the legitimacy of our faith, all faiths," he said.

So watch out for the Jesus-freak Democrats, coming to an election near you. "Responsibilities that are moral and how you translate them into public life" sounds like "imposing morality" to me.

Anonymous YounGunner said...

The "You can't legislate morality" crowd is bogus. All legislation is morality. If I tell you, you can't drive faster than 55 I'm telling you it's wrong to drive 56. I'm imposing my morals on you. It would be a joke if the burglars of America petitioned the ACLU to fight for their right to steal stuff. I'm sure we're forceing thieves to live by our moral standards. The question is, who's morality is going to be legislated?

Anonymous El Borak said...

"All legislation is morality. If I tell you, you can't drive faster than 55 I'm telling you it's wrong to drive 56."

Only if you define it as immoral to break the law (I don't), or if you think that passing a law makes something immoral (I don't).

The speed limit law is a perfect example of amoral law: why is the speed limit on a certain curve 45? Because of physics; take it at 80 and you'll likely end up in a ditch. And while it may be foolish to take it too fast, it is not immoral to do so.

Morality undergirds a lot of law, which is why those who want to pass laws use moral arguments (what is the complining about the 'unfairness' of tax cuts if not an argument from morality?) The fact that Americans don't share a common morality is the reason so many of our political fights are so bloody: they are, at their base, religious wars. But that does not make arbitrary law moral.


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