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Snoopitorial - The war of science and religion

The war of science and religion is fairly recent.
We all know that it really only arose in the last third of the nineteenth century, after the publication of Darwin's book on evolution. In the wake of the furor over Darwin's idea that humans were descended from apes, chimps whatever.
Some individuals on both sides tried to paint the other side as "the enemy".
There was a time were many people both scientists and religious believers and did not see a conflict between the two worlds,
This warfare view became deeply entrenched in many people's minds, as started to influence thinking (politics) throughout the twentieth century. This is particularly prevalent in America, where today conflicts between science and religion tend to be much more bitter and divisive than in other Western nations.

America has seen a significant rise in the number of Christian "creationists" who believe the biblical story of creation must be taken literally, and that the universe was therefore created in six days just over six thousand years ago. There are some Christians who insist on taking the Genesis account literally, the majority of Christian believers understand this story metaphorically.
Christian until recently agreed that evolution was not in conflict with Christian faith, and that on the contrary it could be seen as the way in which God goes about being creative within the world. For these believers, (an understanding) of the processes of evolution could indeed enhance their faith.

Darwin's book suggested that instead of being specially created by God, humans were the product of biological evolution. Darwin states: "Man is descended from a hairy quadruped, furnished with a tail and pointed ears, probably arboreal in its habits." Many religious believers in the nineteenth century felt that Darwinian evolution had robbed humanity of its dignity, for how could humans be created in the image of God if we were the descendants of apes? Faced with this dilemma, they rebelled against Darwin's theory.
The KU professor in his infamous e-mail made the statement that “God did not create man, but man created God in the image he needed him to be”

But, in the nineteenth century there were many theologians and ministers, both Catholic and Protestant who did not see a conflict between their faith and Darwin's science. These more (liberal) thinkers often went to great lengths to convince the public that evolution could be harmonized with traditional religious views and values.
Many biblical literalists continued to insist that creation was a once only event that happened at the beginning of time. What TIME I do not know.

But there are those who still believed that evolution IS compatible with the Christian ideas, the notion that God is continuously creating. "Whatever we meant by God being creator, it wasn't something that God did once in the past, and then walked off. It is something that is going on all the time.
The point being is that one must see God in the process of evolution, but rather that there is nothing inherently incompatible between an evolutionary view of life and a commitment to the Christian scriptures.

So why the WAR today? If you want to demean and malign your perceived enemy the best thing to do is attack their faith, their spirituality, the one thing that could make an individual feel complete and give their lives purpose. Their God!

The problem is God has crept into our political ideologies, law making, and even on our football fields.
Yes when some idiot scores a touchdown and points up to the heavens to indicate that God has successfully parted the defense to allow me my victory. A constant reminded that some Christians are confused lost retarded souls. But I digress.

People who seek to attack God are really attacking their own meaningless miserable sorry ass lives!!
Face it, if your life is shitty, if you cannot find a way to make your life have meaning or purpose you attack someone’s faith.
When that Jackass from KU wroth his stupid e-mail maligning people of faith he is speaking more to his own emotional and spiritual shortcomings. Why then is he in religious studies? He thinks that ALL religions are mythology, so what is the fucken point in studying them, other than malign those invested in their faith. Not to mention that fact that he did not have shit else to do with his college education. I digress again, sorry.

Yes, when you look at videos of the fat woman (Trading Spouses) and the hypocritical behaviors of the vast majority of today’s one day or seven day Christians it does makes you ill.
It makes you want to question and malign how people loose their minds under the banner of religion and their GOD.

But THE WAR as I referred to it, is so amazingly pointless it is incomprehensible.
This is a world of exceedingly flawed confused and fucked up people.
If you are an atheist or an individual who attends church 7 days a week you are both frankly equally confused and lost. There is this thing called balance.
It’s too easy to attack Christians or participants of any other religion whether this perceived faith come from, habit, parental manipulation, fear, and or peer pressure or Tom Cruse.
Atheists on the other hand has this grandiose notion of superior intellect and understanding, they could not even conceive of the notion of being “fooled” into following some perceived “mythology” as the jackass puts it. But frankly, faith is a powerful thing. Without it you might as well be an animal. You can't at a basic level respect your fellow humans if you don't think of them as any more than a walking pile of soulless flesh.

The bottom line folks is you are HUMAN, regardless of your belief system until something cleanses your psychotic thoughts, rampant prejudices, child molesting tendencies, thieving, wife beating, sexually deviant, drug abusing, slothful, evil tendencies you are both missing the point and you are BOTH wrong. For all practical purposed you Atheists, Christians, Scientologists, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists are in the same corner. Atheists choose their path because they believe (or know) there is nobody to “judge” them and all others can attempt to pray their miserable hypocritical tendencies away and beg for forgiveness.
This war of the “faiths” or non-faiths is not only counter productive but pointless.


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