Friday, November 11, 2005

Snoopitorial - Coats for Kids

Ok I Snoop will undoubtedly piss off a bunch of folks with this Snoopitorial but, hey U know I don’t give a shit what you think.
Anywho, I’m driving to work and listening to the beginning of the Darla J morning radio show and she starts the show by running a guilt trip on people to get them to donate to the “Coats for Kids” program in Kansas City. She states how sad it is that some kids are waiting at their respective school bus stops without a coat and how sad that was.
Well silly ole Snoop the skeptic that I am is thinking what the fuck! If there is a kid out there, without a coat, this kid is either stupid or his or her parents want them to die. Now I don't have anything against D.J or her statement but c'mon folks lets use some common sense here for a moment.
There are literally thousands of programs like this throughout the country. Hundreds if not thousands of coats are distributed each year in communities throughout this country ever winter.
Have you stopped and asked just what the fuck happened to the coats from the previous year? While you are pondering that, think about how many communities have Salvation Army or Goodwill Stores with hundreds of coats for kids and adults for $2, $3, $4! Yes Snoop does on occasion peep these stores. Hell some of my best ties are from there. But I digress.
I do not have any problems with people wanting to reach out to those in “need”, but I have learned from experience that folks have a “need” to believe they are helping people when there is not real need.
This country is overrun with spoiled greedy ass people who believe that its your damm duty to help them.
I remember a program I started at a former employer where we gave out school supplies to kids at the beginning of the school year.
I remember how dumfounded I was when people who may have waited 10 or 15 minutes in line complained how long the wait was. Others complained that a certain type of pen was not included or complained about the color of the bags remaining.
I remember my boss, wanting so much to help these folks gong to the store to pick up more supplies and having one fat ass woman complaining about how long it took her to pick up additional items. THEN this bitch had the audacity to call her older daughter from her home to come and stand in line again to get another set of items.
We did a coats for kids program one year, even went to far as to have the coats cleaned and had the all hung and arraigned in the parking lot under a tent so you did not have to rummage through piles of coats.
Motherfuckers still complained that some of the coats were ugly, kids complained that certain “teams” were not available. YES, THAT'S RIGHT “TEAMS”! Apparently, the dumbass kids did not grasp the concept that the coats were “donated” and “free”.
The rudeness and ungratefulness of our society is astounding. However, the simple element is utter stupidity and greed are never factored in, while people like Darla J. tries to guilt people into participating in “giveaways” for the perceived needy.
The underclass in this country continually seeks to defraud the rest of society and suck every penny they can out of the rest of us.
Look at all of the scams executed after the hurricanes of this past season.
Here in Lawrence, the community raised I believe $16K to bring a family or two here forced out by Katrina. The families decided to relocate elsewhere. OK, so where is the fucken money!
Individuals in Florida are STILL defrauding the feds for disaster assistance in areas that (WERE NOT AFFECTED) by the hurricanes.
My angst to this conniving underbelly can be focused on one incident. While working at my former clinic, early on because of staff size and with our venture being new I had to fill in at several positions. One day while staffing the payment area, there was one patient who was behind on her Medicare co-pay payment, which was $2. YES $2 FUCKEN DOLLARS!
Anybody who has ever worked with medical payments knows even though its a small amount of money that co-payment MUST be collected. We tried to work with people who may be short on cash a time or two.
But this bitch, tried to run the (I don’t have any money on me today) line.
I looked at her payment history and she had no paid the last four times she visited the facility. I calmly explain to her the payment policy (Snoop being calm is a major task), she started to run a bunch of sob stories for a couple of minutes but then she (apparently forgetting she was trying to run a scam) pulled out a new package of cigarettes. THEN her little nappy-headed son brought back her change from the store across the street after purchasing a candy bar. Subsequently ole Snoop snapped.
I gave her a few choice words. She still tried to convince me that she was short on cash. I finally said fuck it (YES I SAID FUCK IT) pulled out 10 dollars and paid her past co-payments and told her get out, and that she would not be allowed back here unless she made the co-payment upon scheduling.
Note: our payment process was at the end of the visit, instead of the beginning like most medical offices.
Its this pervasive mentality that annoys the hell out of me and causes me to be more skeptical.

Anywho, the next time you see a kid without his or her COAT, ask them where it is.
Likely in a locker, under his bed or he lost it. If the little bastard freezes to death, calk it up to my favorite term “Gene Pool Eradication.”
If you still feel guilty then call child protective services!
I'll keep my coat in my closet thank you!


Anonymous malibu Jones said...

Man just give the coat, damn

Anonymous Snoop said...

Naw M.J. if dey is cold then dey can get a damm blanket!


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