Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Loveable Left

The California Democrat claims to be a staunch union supporter, and along with her husband has received the Cesar Chavez award from the United Farm Workers union.
Unions are, in her words, "fighting for America's working families" and battling "the union-busting, family-hurting" Bush administration. But Schweizer has uncovered that the $25 million Northern California vineyard the Pelosis own is a non-union shop!

But Pelosi's hypocrisy doesn't stop there.

The congresswoman is the top recipient among members of Congress in campaign contributions from labor unions, and has received more money from the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union than any other member of Congress in the last several election cycles.
But in addition to the wine business, the Pelosis own a large stake in the exclusive Auberge du Soleil hotel in Rutherford, Calif.
The hotel has more than 250 employees, but once again, it is strictly a non-union shop.

The Pelosis are also partners in a restaurant chain called Piatti, which has 900 employees.

But a union card is not required to work there bussing tables, washing dishes, serving guests or preparing food.

"As with Auberge du Soleil, at Piatti the Pelosis' commitment to organized labor ends at the front door." Pelosi has also demonstrated hypocrisy on the environment.

"With us," she proclaims, "the environment is not an issue – it's an ethic. It's a value."

One of her largest investments is a private partnership called Lions Gate Limited, which operates the CordeValle Golf Club and Resort in San Martin, Calif.
To get a permit to build the facility, the partners promised to build a "public course" providing considerable access to non-members, and to abide by several environmental requirements to ensure that there would be minimal ecological damage.
But after the facility opened, the county's Planning Commission found that the golf course was in fact private – and the club had "ignored" many of its permit requirements concerning the environment.
What's more, the course was causing a drawdown in the freshwater aquifer, which could have serious implications for wildlife in the area. So much for worrying about the environment.


Anonymous BadGod said...

There is nothing that will get my blood boiling faster than mentioning the word "union". Don't get me wrong , they are good for some indusrties. What I mean is.....(they might be watching)..the Teamsters.

I drive atruck for a large privately owned company. It has been a great place to work. Great pay, good benefits and such. Then one of the terminals we have on the east coast decided to go teamster. Then they started in on my terminal (Omaha, ne) and the shit hit the fan.

I will not bore with the details (as I am sure you don't care).The local chapter started showing up where we deliver to, picketting the places we haul out of....all to show us how great being union can be.
Then the US Labor Board sided with us employees and the teamsters went away.

Sorry about that.



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