Sunday, November 06, 2005

Do Statistics Lie, Or Do Liberals Lie?

A Snoop disclaimer. I know those of you who read this will come to one obviously conclusion and that is there is a bunch of lying on both sides of the isle. However, what you have to take into consideration is when you are on the outside looking in you MUST lie to gain the trust of the American people and to con voters that your side is right.
Liberals cannot win elections based on their own merit. Liberals must deceive, they must distort, they must demonize.

By Ken Hughes
The American Standard

Liberals continually come up with allegations no one bothers to disprove, especially the media. There are hundreds of false allegations against President George Bush the public has no way of knowing if they are true or not.

The Bush family is making billions off Iraqi oil. At this point not even the Iraqis are making billions off their oil. George Bush went to war to avenge the attack on his father. First there was never an attack, there was a planned attack by Saddam. The Japanese shot the hell out of Bush I. Nearly killing him, wouldn’t common sense tell us Japan would be Bush II first target for revenge,

These things the liberal come up with are just to silly to have any truth to them. George Bush dodged the draft by joining the Texas Air National Guard, daaa….. Like flying Jet Fighter Planes isn’t dangerous work. On the other hand, Bill Clinton dodged the draft by leaving the country until he could qualify for an exempt status. Teddy Kennedy unlike two of his brothers got a plush job at NATO headquarters in Brussels. The degree of risk is determined by your politics, Liberals Dodging the draft isn’t the something. in their eyes. We continually hear from liberals how congressman’s sons don’t go to war. How about these static’s, .0003 % of the publics families sons and daughters serve in the military. .002 % of congresspersons sons and daughters serve in the military, [trust me, all the periods and zeros are in the right places.] Rep. Todd Akin R-Mo. Rep Duncan Hunter, R-Ca. Sen., Tim Johnson D-SD. Rep. Joe Wilson R-SC. Have sons in Iraq or Afghanistan. Sen. Joe Biden D-MD. Sen. Kit Bond R-Mo. Rep Joe Kline R NM. Rep Marilyn Musgrave R-Co. Rep. Ike Skelton D-Mo. Have sons serving in the military. Celebrities Doris Kerns Goodwin and Dr. Lauria have sons in Iraq or on their way. Very few who e-mail the liberal propaganda out are in Iraq or on their way.

When we hear outlandish accusation regarding President Bush, We should ask ourselves, does it sound reasonable, what are the probabilities it’s true. What effect will it have on my life? Is going back 5, 10 , 20, 50 years into a president life accomplishing any good for the country? What is the purpose of the information, does it have a positive or negative effect on current events. When Pigs smell dirt they don’t hear it.

I have a “what if”, what if liberals in congress stopped pandering to the media cameras and started legislating? What would happen, the energy crises may be
resolved. A better plan for conducting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan may be worked out. Educating intercity children may improve. Homeland security would defiantly improve. Rather than pandering to the media why don’t these discontented congressional representative address their complaints to the other side of the isles of congress? The media can’t resolve their differences, only a cooperative congress can do that.

It’s time we held congress accountable.


Anonymous Terrymum said...

I haven't heard that phrase (limousine liberal) in years. But it still applies. There are a ton of liberal democrats who have money, lots of it, and believe that by being in the Democrat party they are doing all they can for "the poor". All the while they jet to vacation spots in personal planes, pay $500 a plate for charity dinners, and wear pants and shirts that cost more than the monthly budget of those they try to help..... Hey liberals - catch a clue - the "poor people" don't want your hand out or pity. They want jobs and respect.

Blogger American Soldier said...

I wish people would wake up and see that liberals not only think that we can't read or think for ourselves, but they feel that their side of the story is the only side that deserves to be told.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

American Soldier you nailed it!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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