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“George Bush doesn’t care about black people.” Even if you thought this was true, who gives a shit?

I’m not going to focus on that idiot West who made this statement famous because dude only made the statements as a publicity stunt. He needs no further attention. Dude has far more money that I. Although I did just learn that Pepsi dropped his ass as a spokesperson. I will be buying some Pepsi today! But I digress, sorry.......

Just what does someone in the gubment have to do to “care” about someone?
What is the definition of “caring.” If the gubments compassion and empathy is measured by the amount of money it spends, shit then G Dub is a very generous dude.

However, get real people beyond his very real or perceived passion there is little substance to West’s charge. Under the Bush administration, spending on anti-poverty programs is up 42 percent. This administration created the homeownership challenge that has helped to raise homeownership among Negros above 50 percent for the first time in history, signed the prescription drug benefit for seniors, and instituted No Child Left behind in an effort to improve educational opportunities for inner-city children.
Ok, so that little idea sucks in theory but his heart was in the right place. NO?
One might not share the administration’s enthusiasm for some of these programs but you can’t reasonably argue that they lack compassion. The main reason is, even if you think G Dub is a racists fuck, his legacy is more important to him than any racial or racists tendencies.
If you think some political figure is racists and specifically screws one racial demographic you are simply wrong.
NOW having said that back in the day when you have Mr. Bubba as Mayor of Honkey town, well in that instance it was a selling point to say, NO NIGGAS, down with NIGGAS!
Let be real, if some dude can gain political capital by pretending, he likes Negros particularly if it keeps them in officeand gives them political capital you had better believe he would do it.

But let’s go back to idiot West. Suppose that by some other measure he is correct. Who cares? Government is not supposed to be our friend.
In exchange for certain of our freedoms, government has a duty to protect our lives and property. This agreement is similar to the one we have with our local store
In exchange for our dollars, they will provide meat, bread, washing stuff other edible items.
How much (the store) cares about us is of little consequence.
The cash registers are not divided in “Negro money” and “White money”
Laws against theft are not enforced because government “cares” about us, but because it is government’s duty to protect our property regardless of who we are. In fact, we might do better if government did not “care” so much.
That is not to say that Da Gubment is or should be our enemy or that government should be heartless and without concern for those less fortunate members of our society. A moral government recognizes the need to provide care and shelter for those who, due to age or mental incapacity are unable to provide for themselves. An energetic government seeks to open the doors of free enterprise and encourage habits of virtue, individual initiative and self-reliance not because it cares for us, but because as James Madison wrote (Snoop had to find this, El Borak will appreciate this, LOL!)“ the safety and happiness of society are the objects at which all political institutions AIM…”

DEMANDING that government “care” is to invite chaos into our lives by requiring government to do that for which it is ill equipped. More importantly, we also distract it from the duties for which it is charged, leaving our nation vulnerable to the evils of man and nature. TERRIORISTS perhaps.......
Black folks are the ones that generally complain that the government “does not care about us.” If government does not now have compassion for black people in 2005, it certainly cared for us a great deal less in the 1940s and 50s. In the face of far more overt racism than we face today, Negros somehow found a way to expand the middle class, make inroads into professional and high-level occupations and cut the poverty rate by two-thirds. The movement for civil rights begun in 1955 was not a crusade to gain government sacrifice, but a demand for government obedience.

It may be better for folks ESPECIALLY entertainers to ask: do black people care about black people or more specifically do black men care about black people? Do black men care enough about black women to marry the mothers of their children? Do black men care enough about other black men not to shoot them in the streets or push drugs in their communities? Do black men care enough about black boys to provide role models of hard work and virtue?

The difference between these demands and that uttered by jackass West is that one places the responsibility and the power to change our communities in the hands of black people, black men, and does not rely on the benevolence or “caring” of government.


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