Thursday, October 06, 2005

Old Snoopitorial:


Can any self-respecting black honestly say that blacks have benefited exponentially under Democratic leadership anywhere anytime, benefited enough to automatically extend their reign with no questions asked?
Democrats in general have successfully forwarded their centrists agenda quietly, while still convincing the average uneducated and or unassuming black individual that republicans are mean and racists. Democrats particularly under the Clinton administration; ended welfare as we know it, locked up droves of black men, ordered stiffer sentencing for lighter crimes and subtly moved the public discourse away from its previous attention to racial discrimination.
If any republican administration had done these things, blacks would have been in an uproar. But because a Democratic administration did them, blacks could only manage a whimper and, before too long, forgiveness.
Black leadership (those in the know) throughout this country benefit from black ignorance and or ambivalence. They take great advantage or the barrage of jokes emanating from stand up comedians, black entertainers about those mean racists Republicans.
Many blacks honestly believe that Clinton is the closest thing we ever had to a black president. As long as a white man has a (D) after his name instead of an (R) many blacks can see no evil. Because any Democrat has that magical letter after their names, many, like parrots, repeat the (prosperity) song ad nauseum, that somehow blacks are better off economically than they ever have been.
During the Clinton administration, Democrats claimed that the black unemployment rate is at its lowest level in history, somewhere around 7.9 per cent. What they neglect to tell their cheering black audiences is that if increased black incarcerations during their administration are taken into account, the black unemployment rate moves back up to nearly 10 per cent.
Instead of clapping so loudly, blacks should ask what good are a few more jobs paying $8 to $10 an hour if more and more blacks -- men and, increasingly, women -- are filling jail cells?
How much longer can blacks allow Democrats to earn their votes just by pointing out that the Republican Party does not care about the black electorate? Dissing the Republican Party and Congress may produce great applause but it does not do anything to solve black poverty and a failing criminal justice system.
Very simply people if blacks want to have more influence in the political system in this country blacks in mass should not declare a party affiliate.
Basically folks the confederate flag and the white sheets run parallel to both political parties. Blacks must make their votes available to both political parties and even a third.
The stereotypical dissing of Republicans is paid political fodder for Democrats. I always wondered whether those entertainers in front of the camera were paid to deliver clever racists Republican quips in monologues.
The last time you were addressed as nigger, boy, starred down in a department store, harassed by a policeman, denied a job opportunity were those individuals wearing Republican National Committee buttons or ribbons? Can you really tell racists by party affiliation?
Take notes from the growing Latino population. Latino leadership does not advocate the across the board one party rant. They focus on individual candidates and issues.
The D and the R has never meant less as it does today.
The growing popularity of televised poker should provide a lesson for the black population. As these candidates campaign on both sides of the political spectrum we should maintain a poker face and force these individuals hand to provide the needed result to help blacks achieve in this society.


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