Monday, September 12, 2005

Some Snoopservations

The suggestion, that the news media do not tilt to the left, is just not serious thinking. Or, if it's coming from those who would consider themselves serious thinkers, it's just not intellectually honest.
After posting a response on a blog we got into liberal media bias.
Some comments made:

Kitty said...
“What Ditto would call the Rush O'Hannity factor - liberals say what liberal media? That's why sites like DailyKos are so popular. Did you know they get 16 million hits a month? We seek solace in those that feel the same, and their audience and contributors, as well as those of JABBS, recognize the importance of spreading the word. Thats why we like blogs, we appreciate the debate.
We can't understand why everyone isn't screaming what went wrong? Do all conservatives think the deaths of thousands is acceptable? Or is it just that they were poor and black and didn't have the money to get out of town.”

Snoop, the conservative media =

1) Conservative talk radio (more than 90% of all talk radio hours are hosted by conservatives or religious types).

Because conservatives do it better, what a shock, a sorry ass former Saturday Night Live hack Al Franken is your best bet, no wonder you are pissed

2) Fox News Channel

3) More than half of MSNBC

Now, a lot of people get their news from these sources. Check the combined ratings of the top radio hosts (Rush, Sean, Savage, etc.) and then add in the ratings of the conservative shows on cable (Sean, Cavuto, Scarborough, Carlson, etc.) and the religious and conservative shows (EWTN, 700 Club, etc.) and you wind up with a very similar number to the total of CBS, NBC and ABC evening news shows, plus any given hour of CNN.

So the problem is not how many news sources, but the percentage of right thinking folks who specifically get their news from these sources. So liberals are hacked off at the fact that we don’t get our news from the “proven” left wing sources.

But what about PBS and NPR, you ask? Check out the "news rosters," and you'll see that, thanks to Bush appointees, the coverage is roughly 50/50 left and right (I say roughly, because there are some shows that I might consider apolitical, and you'd consider liberal, and other shows that you'd consider apolitical, and I'd consider conservative).
But what about newspapers, you ask? I'll admit the NY Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, LA Times and SF Chronicle lean left in their news coverage -- although I can also point to individual reporters at each paper that lean right, as well as the plethora of conservative editorial page writers and syndicated columnists they feature.

Classic liberal rhetoric. To find liberal idiot media tendencies you need only to look at NBC, and the Today Show.
This morning I found it amusing that the NBC journalists covering New Orleans found them a particularly “well spoken” (according to perky Katie) little Negro boy.
This little Negro boy was able to give our liberal journalists friends some insight on the conditions suffered by he and his family while marooned at the New Orleans Convention Center.
I bet Katie is thinking; wow, this little Negro boy surrounded by so much poverty, suffering, drug abuse and crime how could he possible learn to speak so well. Also lets not forget he was raised by his grandmother who herself is ailing.
I’m sick of hearing these perverted media types gawking at and using these poor black folks as political capital.
Tim Russert can’t get off mentioning every fucken day how low Bush’s poll numbers are, I’m still trying to figure out what fucken difference does it make.
You liberals who are filled with glee over his falling numbers I don’t get how you think this will benefit you.
Because when it is all said and done, whatever candidate you put up in 2008 still has to be able to forward ideas that this country can get behind and support.
You still must be able to convince the American people why we should vote for your crazy asses.
You have several idiot bloggers calling for Bush’s impeachment, which is beyond stupidity. In addition liberal bloggers and the media still distorting what went on in NOLA. Keep praying for poll numbers to decrease if that makes you feel better.
Also what are you gonna do after the Prez throws billions of dollars at NOLA in an attempt to change his perception of the American people. How will you demonize him then?


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