Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I hate hypocrisy. I have been reading various websites and blogs and I can see the trend reversing already. When it was “supposedly” apparent that the Fed’ral Gubment fucked up liberals wanted to crucify the prez and his cronies, BLAME him for the disaster in NOLA. Now that more 411 has come to light and we see more stories about how the Gov wanted “24 more hours” and the Mayor was totally clueless I see all of these self-righteous liberal demagogs saying “don’t play the blame game”, “it does no good to blame”
Cry me a fucken river.
Blame is necessary, blame has always been and always will be a part of our mind set.
We are incapable of “not blaming” or “not assigning blame.”
Some of you blamed something on somebody at work, at school, on the playing field, in the bedroom, in the boardroom, at home. You blamed your kids, your lover, your sister or your mother. Your father and his friends, “the other man” who drives the Benz....hmmmm.
We all engage in blaming “someone” in our daily lives. Poor, uneducated white men blame affirmative-action for their failures. Poor black folks blame the white man for keeping them down. Parents blame “the other child” for the bad behaviors of their kids.
“My daughter is not a hoe! That boy made my baby girl open her legs.”
“My property values are going down because of dem niggers”
“we lost that game because of your dumbass”
“the accident was your fault”
“My boss is racists, that’s why I have yet to be promoted”
“The dog ate my homework”
“I’m poor because he’s rich”
“it your fault I’m fat”
“its societies fault I can’t fit in that airline seat”
“The police are racists”
“cause dem Mexicans”
“cause, Men are stupid”
“because the republicans.....”
“because the democrats....”
So some of you plez can the self-righteous rant.
When I see the partisan political rants cease......
When I see collaboration among the political parties......
When I see white people treat all people of color as equals....
When I see black people take accountability of their actions and stop blaming the white man....
You get the idea. So keep blaming, find fault.
Its what we do best. Deflect responsibility, blame our problems, our shortcomings, our issues, on someone else.
My favorite liberal bumper sticker “Don’t blame me, I voted for Kerry.”


Anonymous Terrymum said...

Makes me think of a famous quote "As you forgive, so shall you be forgiven." I think that's from someone called "Jesus, the Christ"....and those who spend most of their lives looking for the flaws in other people (and of course finding plenty of them) must really hope or believe that this quote isn't really the rule that will be followed in the hereafter....

Anonymous yourfriend said...

Yea - hypocrisy is a very bad thing. I hate it too. Most people say they hate it... So, one has to wonder, why is hypocrisy still such a very common trait in human kind? Perhaps cause most of the time, hypocrites can only spot hypocrisy when it is exhibited by other people.... If you think everyone else is a hypocrite, but you aren't, the chances are pretty high that you are wrong....and hyocritical to boot!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

so friend what is your point or do you just like to type

Anonymous Terrymum said...

Point...it takes one to know one.

Anonymous alan keys said...

it was me who asked what was his point. i’m like if he thought he snoop was being a hypocrite then why doesn’t he just say so. why do people have to talk in riddles. say what your gonna say, mean what you say or step off. that was my point thank you.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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