Friday, September 02, 2005

Snoopitorial: Lack of Common Damm Sense!

How many of you out there saw this disaster coming. Oh, let’s get real, you might have taken a glance at the TV as it passed South Florida, but you did not give a shit.
As it churned throughout the Gulf of Mexico did any of you have a clue, were you paying attention?
C’mon, some of you claim to be so damm smart, worldly in your knowledge, supremely confident that your I.Q could surpass the average human being.
But after some self assessment you might (if you’re honest) find that shit!, I’m not as smart as I think I am. I do not know as much about this world or this country its pitfalls and shortcomings. And most of all how hopelessly divided we still are as a nation.
Hmmmm, how come the government did not react faster? Because the government is you stupid!
Government is only going to perform to the level of expectation that we set for it.
Yes, our standards are not very high. However, if you are going to focus on Bush you had better go all the way down the chain of command on this one.
Now we have all of this hand wringing blaming the President, particularly the idiot governor of Louisiana and the Mayor who has not been seen since this disaster occurred.
This fucken coward abandoned his city and his constituents. Governor Blanco has been seen crying on TV, whining and engaging in partisan politics blaming the Bush administration for what you see unfolding.
I posted the series of items below to illustrate that this disaster was not a shock or surprise. Everybody in the chain of command knew this would happen. Every presidential administration, State, Parish, City official over the last 30 plus years KNEW this day would come.
And some of you semi functioning idiots are out there saying that Bush pulled this Hurricane out of his ass, and HE is responsible. Lack of simple common sense.
I am certainly not defending Bush, but I have enough fucken common sense to know that he can’t do a damm thing without his advisors telling him what needs to be done.
Yes heads should roll, every damm where, that is a given. What is unfolding down there is embarrassing.
However, the same level of apathy some of you engage in every damm day is the same kind of apathy and idiocy that is prevalent throughout our various government entities today.
Yes we set our sites on the Prez because he is an easy target. However, those of you focusing so much at the prez better be taking a more critical look at the State of Louisiana.
You better be paying closer attention to your own hometown and state government officials.
Could this level of dereliction of duty manifest itself in your hometown or state?
On the other hand, let’s get real. Do you even know who your mayor is, county officials, state representative, state Senator?
Oh shit you are NOT as smart as you thought.


Blogger cube said...

As a Floridian, I couldn't believe that there wasn't a mandatory evacuation plan in NOLA before the storm. I blame the local officials. You close down the schools, use the school buses & bus the poor people out BEFORE the storm. And having Port-o-Potties & food at the Superdome BEFORE the evacuees came along would've been a good plan. It's easy to blame the federal govt. but this is primarily a break down of common sense & planning @ the local level.


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