Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Snoop has a question for you liberals....

During a one-week period in July 1995, temperatures in Chicago soared above 100 degrees and severely crippled the city's infrastructure and ability to provide services. The human cost, however, was far more devastating, as dead bodies literally piled up at the city's morgues, emergency rooms turned people away, and social services agencies struggled to help those in need. In an analysis of this disaster, some would argue that the weather itself accounted for only part of the loss of human life. (More than 700 people died from the heat wave twice as many people that died in the Great Chicago Fire.) Many deaths could have been prevented by a more responsive and better organized effort from city government and social services toward the poor and elderly. Many would say these failures reflected the patterns of social inequality that divide Chicago (or any other major American city).

The death toll in NOLA I doubt will be that high, so why was the president not responsible for that disaster? Did he turn his back on the poor or elderly, blacks?
Who was president then?


Anonymous Terrymum said...

re-write = Hey liberals and Democrats pay attention to this;

In 1995, while your boy Clinton was in office, there was a natural disaster that killed far more black people then did Katrinna. 700! SO where was the federal government during THAT disaster? And where were all of YOU who are now gleefully yelling for the head of the PRESIDENT!? let me answer for you - YOU were then ignoring the loss of human life AND the failure of the federal government to step up and do something. WHY?? Well... IMO b/c it was NOT something YOUR ideology wanted to be accused of being - i.e. insenstive to the deaths of a lot of black people! BUT NOW - oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy - YOU CANNOT GO A DAY WITHOUT POINTING AT BUSH AND HIS HELPERS AND HOLLERING ABOUT RACE AND INSENSIVITY!!

So - I call you what you are; hypocritcal!! AND this is why we do not listen to you even if/when you actually have a potential point to make!! You call others names for doing (or not doing) the same things you do (or don't do)! Shame on you!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry snoop we only care about black people when it benefits us.

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