Thursday, September 08, 2005


Question for those of you who read the zone.....Have I since the disaster said that I don’t support an independent commission? NO!
Have I said that the federal government is not at fault AT ALL, NO.
I have yet to read on a single liberal blog (I HAVE THEM ON MY SIDEBAR I READ THEM ALL EVERYDAY) NOT ONE LIBERAL BLOG mention the state or local governments’ responsibility in this mess.

NOT ONE has mentioned the money that went to Louisiana prior to the disaster.

NOT ONE talked about the incompetence of the Mayor.

NOT ONE, mentioned the governor “needing” 24 more hours to make her decision on bringing in the guard.

NOT ONE has talked about the lawlessness that went on after the storm.

NOT ONE mentioned the evacuation plan that was not implemented.

NOT ONE, talked about the devastation that took place in Mississippi as if NO blacks lived there.

NOT ONE has even mentioned the 60 BILLION plus the president has and will throw into fixing and rebuilding NOLA.


These people don’t give a shit about what really happened or the “so-called” truth.
Lets see just who would be on this commission, take a guess. FORMER POLITICIANS!
This is a blog war folks yes its politically motivated. Snoop has his opinions and I post accordingly. But I don’t run nor hide from insight, information, or being educated on something. I keep saying, liberals you have the stage, refute what I’m posting. I don’t delete comments, I don’t run from your supposed truth. This is about “sides” my side is not perfect, my views are not perfect, I’m not always right, but I’m pretty damm close.
But regardless of what you liberals say your views destroy this country. Is Snoop saying liberals must go away NO! I have enough commonsense to know that this world functions on BALANCE. You have wacko on the right and left. But liberals views to me as a black man are corrosive. Liberalism is what put those people in a helpless situation.
Read the “poverty pimp” poem. You liberals are as predictable as the Kansas wind.
Just admit you hate BUSH and nothing else matters.
You wonder why liberals LEAN RIGHT to get elected and GOVERN LEFT once they are elected? Because liberals can’t show their true colors. IGNORANCE is your greatest weapon. PROPAGANDA, the native tongue.


Blogger MALIBU JONES said...

See - I realize the mayor fucked up, the governor and the fed gov't - Bush didn't mess up, Now I do think Bush as President is as bad as it can get, but you cannot blame this on him,

Blogger Libertas said...

ataway to go

Give 'em hell Snoop!


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