Wednesday, September 28, 2005


“If we re-elect Bush because a majority of Americans believe the half-truths and lies shoved down their throats, well, don't let some New York Times liberal columnist tell you that there was a body of intelligence out there before the election that was ignored because it contradicted the administration.

The Democrats need an issue. They need to make that issue their holy crusade. I'm not even sure what the issue is, but it has to be the key to the 2006 election season, and possibly beyond. It likely has to be a cultural issue, perhaps one that affects women and children the most. But whatever the issue is, it has to be DRIVEN home in every state and congressional district. It has to become an issue that can CHIP AWAY at the cultural block.
(I don't know the answer), but I know that if the Democrats want to have a role in governing this decade, they need to take back Congress. And the way to do that is to CREATE A CRUSADE that can motivate voters as powerfully as abortion, homosexuality and taxes. To expect the cultural block to change their way is naive -- they see what they are doing as their moral obligation, as good Christians -- and their numbers will only continue to grow with Bush in the White House.

The GOP relies on an IGNORANT populace to gain power, and that as a result, Red State America votes against its own interests -- and came away more convinced than ever.
The one gap I found traveling in the various Red States was information. The radio dial offered no liberal voice, other than when I briefly found a Miami station broadcasting Air America. The local newspapers leaned conservative, and sometimes very conservative.
How is one to come to a "fair and balanced" perspective, given that environment?”
(Yup conservatives are dunces, YOU must steer us straight, such utter arrogance)

The point to all of this people is MAKE BUSH THE ISSUE!
You LIBERALS STILL don’t have your own issues so therefore attack Bush with as much fury and rant you can drum up.


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