Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A holocaust!?

I continued to be dumbfounded by the shit I am reading on line in the wake of this disaster.
Here are a few paragraphs written by some extremist wacko.
It would be funny if it were not so disturbing at the same time.

The Katrina holocaust was calculated. This is why assistance--ambulances, trucks of water and other essential supplies were turned away, why no amphibious military vehicles or boats rescued people from the Superdome, which backs right up to the water, why 5 days late the Federal 'rescue' is guns, tanks and Martial Law. In the context of the US history's non-stop genocidal crimes, subjecting 70% of the population to terror after first evacuating property-owners, is just business as usual. On the Sunday of "mandatory" evacuation, the people who left were rich enough and well enough to get out-- minimally, they could get to a car. The greyhound bus terminal and Amtrak had shut down on Saturday night, so everybody without wheels was forced to stay. The people who were directed to the Superdome were treated like criminals and not allowed to leave after the hurricane passed. Right now they are basically prisoners en route to the Astrodome, another "prison", in another state, Texas.

What's different this time is that the entire world is seeing the racist & hypocritical nature of this 'democratic beacon that invades other countries under the pretext of exporting democracy while treating the oppressed in the "homeland" with fascistic brutality. People who have never seen and thus never understood the barbaric nature of this system are shocked --because with class & race privilege such treatment by the state is 'foreign', 'not american'. Which is true because american, as Toni Morrison explained [in "Whiteness & the Literary Imagination: Playing in the Dark"] has always been code for white. A Spanish politician tourist & spouse trapped in the Dome said to the camera --[some reporters & cameramen after days in the midst of the horror seem genuinely angry willing to go out on a limb more than usual by airing such comments]--this is genocide imprisoning tens of thousands of people without food, water, sanitation, medical care... Shortly after the couple was removed by a small army of troops as thousands of mostly Black, all very poor people, barely clinging to life without food or water for days,watched in despair and anger.

New Orleans is part of the US agenda which frames and conditions every single aspect of life everywhere now--part of a fascist war of terror against all who impede or resist their goal of global dictatorship. The barbaric degradation and dehumanization, orchestrated by the "Dept. of Homeland Security", is designed to crush the dignity, courage, spirit and survival of the most oppressed.


Anonymous Insensitive said...

At the risk of being considered political incorrect, a racist, and an elitist (charges I will accept, but which are not true) - may I simply ask this; WHY were these people unable to get the hell out of the city before the storm struck? Did they not have word of the impending storm? Those who don't read or have TV or friends with information might have been uninformed. But the vast majority of folks knew a category 4-5 storm was headed straight towards them. SO the next question is why did they stay? Some of said because they did not have money for cars or trains or buses etc. So what was wrong with their feet? And why did they not have money for such things? Did they drop out of highschool? Did they chose to have 8 babies instead of a college degree? Did they expect public assistance to pay for their every need for the rest of their lives? Well, this is what happens when you do not HELP YOURSELF. The government is not your friend - big duh! If you want to escape (from anything) you best do it on your own. And blaming others for a mess you helped get yourself into is counterproductive and just another cog in the victim mentality that prevents people from getting ahead. Condaleeza was from a poor family - who preached and lived by the code of personal responsiblity and education. Wonder how far from New Orleans her and her kin(d) would have been if they'd lived there when Katrina warnings sounded!


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