Sunday, September 25, 2005

A friendly exchange.....DEMOCRAT VS REPUBLICAN

Snoop said...
“if someone on the left side of the aisle dares dissent, they're "angry."

(well fellas lets see, I shall let you libs make my point for me)

“I can barely tolerate these bloggers who shoot arrows at the commentary, without providing any examples, specific or otherwise, Why do you feel the commentary is so "off course," or "utterly stupid?"
Don't talk through your butthole. Provide some examples, which is less than much of the commentary you are apparantely bitching about has done. It seems to me you are more offended that some one could be so justifiably outraged at what the Bush Administration has "accomplished."

“But the Left at least has a good reason to be angry as the issues are now more significant than an out-of-wedlock blow job: Iraq, hurricane response, a huge surplus transformed into a monsterous deficit, etc.”

“Of course we're ANGRY...and we've had reason to be since the SCOTUS decided the election of 2000...BLA BLA BLA”

“Cronyism rules!”

“It's all one big damn patronage system. If you want to work at a high cabinet level position for this Administration all you have to do is be married to...BLA BLA BLA”

“What does capturing Bin Laden mean to Bush Administration?
Not a goddamn thing. They NEVER intended to capture him, bin Laden's family is an important part of the Bush family crime cartel......BLA BLA BLA”

“Republicans now all fall into one or more of three categories: Greedy, Racist, and/or Religiously Insane.....BLA BLA BLA”

“bin Laden means nothing to the corrupt Bush administration”

“Just another one of the Bush gross incompetencies and failures that occurs right before our eyes...BLA BLA BLA”

“Exactly how low can they go? What scum.”


“While the comment is in, at best, questionble taste, remmber that the prevailing wisdom in the blogosphere was that baause of Bush's incompetence thouads were dead. Because f a lack of ladership on his part, thousands of bodies were floating in the streets of New Orleans.

Thousands dead huh genius?

10:49 AM
rob of wilmington, del. said...
Certainly it's reasonable to base a claim on anonymous posters to a little-read liberal blog, right Snoop? That's a fair criticism.

We're not talking about the average person venting in their underwear. We're talking about people who are paid to write columns, paid to offer their opinions on the television and radio. Let's try to draw that distinction.

Who cares if Mr. Nobody from Nowheresville calls Bush a Nazi? Or for that matter, who cares if Mr. Nobody is a Nazi?

That's not apples to apples to when Rush Limbaugh, with his millions of listeners, calls feminists "feminazis" or when he says that Osama Bin Laden is rooting for John Kerry.

It's one thing when Mr. Nobody says that stem cell research is bad. It's another thing when James Dobson goes onto Fox News, with, say, 2 million viewers, and compares embryonic stem cell researchers to Nazi scientists.

It's one thing when Mr. Nobody says that gays are sinners. It's another when Michael Savage, on his old MSNBC show, with, say, 500,000 viewers, tells a gay caller to get AIDS and die.

You see the difference, snoop? CSC5502D?

Also, CSC, can you cite an example where a legitimate pundit or columnist -- not an anonymous blogger -- referred to ALL Republicans as closed-minded", "neanderthal", "caveman", "gun nut", "homophobe", etc. etc. ETC.?

Again, if James Taranto or another conservative wants to pick on a particular liberal or Democrat for a particular view, that's reasonable. But what JABBS is talking about is the baseless stereotype of all liberals and Democrats as ANYTHING.

And sorry, CSC, when the president himself says that the federal response was ineffective, I think all bets are off for saying it's a partisan issue. Only the truest of believers are still defending Michael Brown or Michael Chertoff for the immediate federal response to Katrina.

Bush himself, just yesterday, said that the federal response to Rita would be far better -- far more proactive, far more preparation in advance, etc., because of the reality of the federal response to Katrina.

2:26 PM
Snoop said...
“We're not talking about the average person venting in their underwear. We're talking about people who are paid to write columns, paid to offer their opinions on the television and radio. Let's try to draw that distinction.”

Rob, Rob, Rob, Dude you are trying to convince me that the examples I sited are WAY OFF BASE?
I don’t discount those who either have blogs or post on blogs.
What does the average consistent audience of a blog? 80-150 or so visitors? And they are not visiting just one blog. I myself if I have the time during the day read or at least scan 20-30. What percentage of those have their own blogs 60%?
Word spreads, this is why I said before I see trends, phrases the rants are recycled, and the clichés are recycled.
Most bloggers or the posters don’t provide anything new of substance.
The goal is the repeat something so many times that is sticks in the consciousness of the general public. If you happen to agree with the rant you will recycle that same tired shit on as many blogs as you can (like this anonymous prick here does)

I’m sorry for repeating myself but I must, dude you must read very few liberal blogs and the comments. You can’t with a straight face tell me that those comments are not typical of the average liberal. Rob I see it WAY too many times. You can’t discount it.
You can’t discount the power of blogs as a collective.
Hell look at these Cindy Sheehan groupies. Listen/Read what she has said about the administration and this country. From her blog countless others are linked to spread the rhetoric.

We all have our missions: Even our friends here at JABBS.

Republican-Led House Passes Bill Allowing Religious Discrimination

Pelosi Offers To Nix Pet Projects To Help Pay For Katrina. DeLay's Response? Nah.

What Does Capturing Bin Laden Mean To The Bush Administration? Not As Much As In 2001, Or During The Election Campaign

For Latest Bush Nominee, It's Not What She Knows. It's Who She Knows.

Spin it however you want but its clear. Discredit Bush, discredit republicans, get your people in power at all cost.

Sorry Rob I don’t distinguish between the paid and the unpaid liberal attack soldiers.

12:32 PM
rob of wilmington, del. said...
Spin it however you want but its clear. Discredit Bush, discredit republicans, get your people in power at all cost.

Or, put a different way, expose Bush, expose Republicans, for the fact that they aren't on your side.

How can anyone look at the actions of Tom DeLay and think that he's looking out for anyone other than Tom DeLay? Our CEO president is far more beholden to corporate America's needs (and-or the religious right) than the needs of the individual.

If the MSM isn't going to cover these issues and connect the dots, then you need other alternative media to do so. That may be the liberal press -- The Nation, Mother Jones, etc. -- or it may be the Internet media.

But, Snoop, I don't see you pointing out any inaccuracies in the stories posted by JABBS. Sorry if the truth offends you.

As for the debate between anonymous posters and paid pundits -- it's a silly argument, Snoop. People say all sorts of things under cover of anonymity. Even JABBS, by signing his articles, holds himself to a greater level of accountability. Not as great as someone on national television or in a major daily newspaper, but far more than someone posting under a fake name with no accountability.

6:43 PM
Snoop said...
But, Snoop, I don't see you pointing out any inaccuracies in the stories posted by JABBS. Sorry if the truth offends you.

Rob I have read this an other liberal blogs enough that they all have inaccuracies, but most of all they don’t tell the “whole truth”.
I won’t bit more come here and try to get into a keyboard war proving my point no more than any liberal type would venture over to my blog and try to prove me wrong there.
Most liberals can’t. I at least will expose flaws on each side of an argument and provide some benefit of the doubt. This and other liberals blogs WON’T. You are out of power, demonizing this administration and this country is paramount.
Just like the Katrina disaster. I would have given ANY liberal blog at least a little credit if ONE, JUST ONE would have acknowledged wrongdoing or ineffectiveness at ALL levels.
No reasonable, honest, sane, individual with a straight face could possible say that what went on in New Orleans was ALL Bush’s fault.
If you did you are either delusional or you need to go back to school and take a civics or government class, this is not rocket science!
Some blogs even went as far as to excuse the stupidity of the Mayor and Governor that was simple irresponsibility.
So one little article about DeLay or any other single republican won’t sway my political mindset. He is an idiot HUMAN with HUMAN flaws. Having a R after his name does not make him more noble, nor does having a D after your name make you more compassionate, tolerant, caring, noble, LESS RACISTS.
I’m not republican because I think the guys with R’s after their name are cool. It’s a value system.
The problem with liberal politicians is they MUST hide who they are, they MUST deceive potential voters.
Dean makes racists comments about “the only way republicans could get this many blacks in a room for a meeting is if they brought in the hotel staff”
Democrats crying that the delayed response was because the people suffering was black.
Which was a bunch of crap.
Liberals extremists pulling people like Harry Reid (who is a NUT!) And Nancy Pelosi by the nose. And JABBS has the audacity to publish an entry saying she is going to give her federal funding back to the victims of Katrina when you know not only is that a lie, she can’t just technically “give it back”. She only considered it anyway. Utter deception at its finest.
This is why I think being a card carrying Democrat Liberal is frankly a joke.