Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Foul Air

Pittsburgh Tribune

Air America, the liberals' answer to conservative talk radio, received "loans" from the Bronx-based Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club, a social services agency funded largely with public money.
New York authorities are investigating the $875,000 transfer as possibly an illegal conveyance.
Al Franken, Air America's franchise performer, claims ignorance of the loans until late July. Oh, really?
On the air, Mr. Franken, between nervous giggles, called the man who arranged the loans, former Air America Chairman Evan Montvel Cohen, a "crook." Mr. Cohen also was a fundraiser for the club.
Cohen indicated to The New York Sun that club officials knew where the money was going -- to Air America.
Depending on the version, however, sources claimed Cohen said he needed the money for his and the ongoing health problems of his father.
Oh, yeah. Dad died in 1991.
As for Franken's latter-day discovery, his signature appears on a notarized document dated Nov. 22, 2004, in which the network promises to repay the money. The money had not been repaid.
Confronted by the document's contents, Franken said he did not "see this thing," referring to the listing of the loans, and penned his name on legal advice only to erase money claims he had against others, The Sun also reported.
Sure, Al.
Isn't it clear? Everyone is fair game to suffer for liberal elites, such as poor children and Alzheimer's patients whom the club was supposed to help.


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