Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Enough of liberalism and ideologically bankrupt Bush-bashing

Maegan Thornton
Staff Writer
University of South Alabama

Lately I have noticed there seems to be a lack of ideologically conservative-thinking students in the college classroom. The ones who do label themselves as conservative are usually referred to as brainwashed and misinformed Bible-thumpers. The name-calling tactics of my peers are quite entertaining to me to say the least. Aside from that, it is always exciting to sit through a class full of people who claim to promote tolerance, yet exude intolerant behavior.

After listening to boo-hoo stories about why prisons need to be abolished (murderers and child molesters have needs and feelings too) and how we should all be doing more to stop the condo-commandos in south Baldwin County and save the Alabama Beach Mouse, it is eventually my turn to explain my "ignorant conservative reasoning." Of course, the gentlemen in the class are sure to let me go first. Otherwise it would be sexism. Without hesitation, I begin my case. After stating that the enforced redistribution of wealth and long-term government dependence is bad, all that follows is blank stares. Imagine that. I am usually forced to clarify that the extremely rich people of our great nation should not be forced to hand out checks to drug addicts and alcoholics in south Alabama simply because they are so damn rich. Secondly, people living off of welfare checks with little to no terms and provisions is BAD. OK, so this alone gets me labeled as Satan's sister. If I feel that responsibility, hard work and self-reliance (gasp!) are essential, then I am accused of being insensitive. The next question is usually something to do with me being racist. After all, my "why affirmative action is bad" stance automatically puts me in this group, right? Wrong. I believe everyone deserves a basic, equal opportunity. Racist and sexist tactics should not be used in determining whether someone is qualified for a job or spot in a certain college. That is what affirmative action is. Of course, it is sugar coated. By now, I have begun to think my classmates and I have reached a common ground. Wrong again. Well, what about that idiot, George W. Bush? Of course, I have to ask why he is an idiot. The clever sardonic remarks just won't suffice. The response: Because he is stupid. (I have always been a sucker for intellectually stimulating conversations.) Drop the code word "Halliburton" here and there, and suddenly the lefties' argument is suddenly valid. OK, so why is the president stupid? As predicted, the mess Katrina created comes up. Only according to these left-wingers, Bush created the mess. My friends insist George Bush is to blame for everything. No exceptions. Yes, everything. For example, many Bush-haters say he should have had the military in New Orleans after the last squall line from Hurricane Katrina made its way over the French Quarter. This way they could have handled the aftermath immediately. Forget the fact that in 216 years of United States presidential history, no sitting President has ever used the military to invade one of our own states before the natural disaster actually took place. But George Bush is being held to a different standard. Why? I am still waiting for that answer. We cannot forget that he is a racist. What is this reasoning based on? Well, rap star Kanye West accused the president of having no concern for blacks. If Kanye West, the "college dropout" said it, it has to be true. My intelligent progressively liberal classmates seem to fall into the category of people who think that Bush single-handedly created a certain type of living situation in New Orleans that only Sean Penn can fix. We never really made it to the "why Bush is an idiot" answer. I guess they got tired of quoting rap stars and Hollywood politicians. After offering my ludicrous reasoning, it is already time for my friends of the Mobile Area Freethought Association to go to their bi-weekly "Keep God out of the public domain" meeting at Picklefish. It looks as if this conversation will have to be finished later.


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