Monday, September 26, 2005


Oh those Negros won’t mind us using lynching examples. “They” are Democrats “they” are on our side.

Exhibit comparing animal cruelty to slavery continues after hiatus.

*People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has resumed its Animal Liberation Project featuring a display of panels juxtaposed with graphic images of slavery and black lynchings after suspending the exhibit for a month following accusations of racism.
The animal rights group came under fire after a man at its Aug. 8 stop in New Haven, Conn began yelling that the exhibit was racist.
One panel, titled "Hanging," shows a white mob surrounding two lynched blacks swinging from a tree. The accompanying picture shows a cow hanging in a slaughterhouse.
PETA rep Dawn Carr said the group decided to resume the controversial exhibit after weeks of reviewing e-mail and conducting an online poll. The tour re-launched last Tuesday in Portland, Ore., and will travel to Seattle and Spokane, Wash.; Boise, Idaho; and Salt Lake City. PETA president Ingrid Newkirk defended the decision to resume.
"I unequivocally apologize for the hurt and upset that this exhibit has caused some of its viewers," Newkirk wrote in a statement last week. "That said, I would fail in my duty if I allowed this exhibit to disappear."
"I'm not surprised," NAACP spokesman John White told AP of the decision to resume the display, declining to elaborate.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I hate that picture, and have since I was 12. You may not have noticed, but it is from Duluth, Minnesota, circa 1915. Duluth is my home town, and the pic was featured on the cover of a book called "They was just Niggers" by Michael W. Fedo, whom I believe was the brother of the mayor when I was growing up.

Anyway, the three guys lynched were from Topeka, traveling to Duluth with the circus. There was a girl who visited the circus with her boyfriend. Whether someone caught the two en flagrante delicto or they just had a runin, no one ever said. Long story short, she accused someone of rape and the sherrif grabbed these three and took them to jail.

When word spread about the city, this mob broke in to the jail and lynched the three on First Street, about a mile from my house.

I can't tell you how many times I've searched that photo for my great grandfather's face. I don't know if he was there, but he ran a drug store about three blocks away.

That pic has probably had more effect on my opinion of crowds and "democracy" than any other. A person is intelligent; people are ignorant, hateful, spiteful, evil, beligerent.

Oh, yeah, and upstanding. When informed that the sherrif had just pulled in three guys more or less randomly, the upstanding citizens of my home town replied, "Well, they was just niggers."

Just fellow human beings.

El B

Anonymous Terrymum said...

At least you care and cared. I dread the day when people have become so used to the horrors we inflict upon each other that they cannot flinch or be ashamed or fear the evil that causes such attrocities. For every callous white person who hates or fears those of darker skin, you can probably find an equal number of blacks who call "race traitor" any time they see a black person with a white friend, or (shudder) mate. I do not want to see a melting pot where all people have the same (grey or tan) skin color. I want to see a world where all of the people God made love themselves and others, as God intended. Until that day, may anyone with a heart and soul shake their heads and maybe even shed a tear when they see a picture such as this. May we never be too deaf to hear the stories...or too afraid. May hate never win the day.

Blogger Snoop said...

Er Um people lets focus on the issue.
Why did Snoop put this photo here, because it another example of OTHER people using the images of black suffering for their own causes.
As hateful as this and other images like it are PETA had no problem using them and comparing the treatment of animal to blacks, particularly slaves.

Anonymous Terrymum said...

NO one (that I know) gives PETA folks any credit for brains - this is yet another example of how they fail to realize that ANIMALS ARE NOT THE SAME AS PEOPLE - and their claim to the contrary only marginalizes their message even more! No one except an already crazy PETA zealot will buy any correlation between the slave's situations and the poor little animals. I am pet lover and could easily go vegan under the right circumstances, and even I think they are stupid and crazy 99% of the time! None of your faithful readers (except maybe Marie?) are going to give them, or this exhibit, as anything but more evidence of how out-of-touch PETA folks are!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, man, I'm just telling you why I hate THAT pic. I already know PETA is nuts.

After they wrote one particularly interesting letter to the AG concerning some settlement money that was given to the beef council, I wrote them for their help (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) in getting a law changed here that requires farmers to shoot prairie dogs.


El B


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