Friday, September 23, 2005

the ANGRY left

Taranto, Predictably, Targets Post-Katrina Reaction of "Angry Left." But Republicans Were Critical, Too editor James Taranto has this shtick.

He talks about the "angry left." Rarely is there a Taranto column, or a Taranto radio or television appearance, in which he doesn't slip in that phrase several times.

In Taranto's world, the "angry left" is not just Michael Moore, Daily Kos or Randi Rhodes. It's anyone who criticizes President Bush or his policies. No matter how legitimate the claim, if someone on the left side of the aisle dares dissent, they're "angry."

It's a variation of an empty conservative spin line, offered over and over, that liberals and Democrats "hate Bush." When you start at that point, a conservative pundit doesn't have to go far before making the claim that liberals and Democrats are rooting for Bush to fail, which in turn implies that liberals and Democrats hate America.


“if someone on the left side of the aisle dares dissent, they're "angry."

(well fellas lets see, I shall let you libs make my point for me)

“I can barely tolerate these bloggers who shoot arrows at the commentary, without providing any examples, specific or otherwise, Why do you feel the commentary is so "off course," or "utterly stupid?"
Don't talk through your butthole. Provide some examples, which is less than much of the commentary you are apparantely bitching about has done. It seems to me you are more offended that some one could be so justifiably outraged at what the Bush Administration has "accomplished."

“But the Left at least has a good reason to be angry as the issues are now more significant than an out-of-wedlock blow job: Iraq, hurricane response, a huge surplus transformed into a monsterous deficit, etc.”

“Of course we're ANGRY...and we've had reason to be since the SCOTUS decided the election of 2000...BLA BLA BLA”

“Cronyism rules!”

“It's all one big damn patronage system. If you want to work at a high cabinet level position for this Administration all you have to do is be married to...BLA BLA BLA”

“What does capturing Bin Laden mean to Bush Administration?
Not a goddamn thing. They NEVER intended to capture him, bin Laden's family is an important part of the Bush family crime cartel......BLA BLA BLA”

“Republicans now all fall into one or more of three categories: Greedy, Racist, and/or Religiously Insane.....BLA BLA BLA”

“bin Laden means nothing to the corrupt Bush administration”

“Just another one of the Bush gross incompetencies and failures that occurs right before our eyes...BLA BLA BLA”

“Exactly how low can they go? What scum.”


“While the comment is in, at best, questionble taste, remmber that the prevailing wisdom in the blogosphere was that baause of Bush's incompetence thouads were dead. Because f a lack of ladership on his part, thousands of bodies were floating in the streets of New Orleans.

Thousands dead huh genius?

thinks that those on the right mischaracterize liberals by calling them ANGRY!
Oh really...Hell here is a sample in just a few of their posts. I love when liberals make my point for me.


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