Thursday, August 04, 2005


Ok, its late in the evening and I’m listening in on a program I must later edit and deciding to do with my time.
On my frequent blog scan I happened onto this particular blog “The Martian Anthropologist” and his headline reads: Iraq War: Over 1800 U.S. Soldiers, 25,000 Iraq Civilians Dead.
Feel free to visit his blog HERE since I am using some of his material.
I was reminded of an exchange I had with one of my favorite liberals Yellow Dog.
I continued to be amazed that two completely different individuals 10 months apart pull out the same single-minded propaganda with a total disregard to any logic or common sense.

I Snoop am a practical guy. I tend not to over complicate matters of the world.
Despite a more than modest traffic volume, I tend not to attract the commentary that bloggist such as this individual does.
Maybe folks don’t know what to think about my blog, or the unknown is something some people don’t want to deal with.
But folks I don’t think the world is that complicated. Its very fucked up yes, things happen that make us all wonder about our roll on this earth and whether or not we can contain the craziness.
The Iraq war is a terrible one. However, to quibble over why we are there and who said what is pointless. YOU, (the average American) REALLY don’t want to know why we are at war in Iraq.
We are at war in Iraq for one reason and (ONE) reason only, to provide you with cheap OIL! THAT’S IT. PERIOD, END OF STORY.
Those on the right and left will trot out tremendous amounts of rhetoric blowing smoke up your collective asses the media and bloggist all kick in theories and their own convoluted logic. but, IT’S ABOUT THE OIL STUPID!!
What is so fucken hard to understand about that?
Those on the left, counting the dead and wounded refuse to absolve themselves of any wrongdoing and their role in this war. Bush did all of this, which is complete and utter nonsense.

This guy put this picture of this little girl to shift the guilt elsewhere, to tug at your heart, put blame ONLY (on the current administration).
Yes her parents were killed, but in WWI and II millions of little girls wore the blood of their parents all in the fight for freedom.
Yes folks the next time you gas up, this girls parents blood is going into your gas tank.

The next time you take a flight, that fuel you see pumped into the plane has her parents blood in it.
Yes, you are the selfish fucks who scanned Expedia looking for the cheapest airfair.
You selfish fucks driving around in your parents Expedition, or your pimped up Camero yup that blood is in your gas tank.
Look at virtually every product around you including the plastic in the monitor your looking at is a by product directly or indirectly of OIL.
But I bet you waited until the next Dell sale or Best Buy sale because you wanted it cheaper. That is what they are fighting for.
So those of you on the left get over yourselves and stop the fucken counting. You don’t give a fuck about those soldiers until one is a relative of yours.
Stop the insincerity in these posts assigning blame.
Below post is one written by Yellow Dog on the blogs back in September as the troop death toll hit 1000. My reply and the reply of OTTMAN are the same, because we both point out that Bush did not just pull this war idea out of his ass. It was talked about and mentioned long ago. for the same reasons OIL!

If you are one who simply hate our current president so much you are willing to ignore the facts and the words of previous administrations go the fuck ahead.
But the blood is still going into your tanks whether you like it or not. It not like you selfish fucks are just gonna stop driving tomorrow, let get real.


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