Thursday, August 04, 2005

Why Should African Americans Vote


By Ken Hughes

A young African American student wrote me asking for some direction preparing an essay why African Americans shouldn’t vote in the coming election. It seems she read one of my articles on the subject. She feels African Americans are taken for granted and thought withholding their vote would send a message. She quoted Jesse Jackson as her inspiration not realizing Jesse Jackson is an opportunist and an extortionist. Jackson’s boycotts have made Jackson a multi-millionaire and done little for the black community.

This young lady without realizing it so brilliantly summed up in a few words the entire philosophy of Black voters. “ There is only one party we can vote for”. She had never been told voting is the way we change those persons we disagree with. She had never been told the purpose of a two party political system is to generate responsibility through competition. She had never been told, “You have a choice”.

I must admit this was red meat for my carnivorous mind. A real challenge and one more opportunity to stick it to the liberals. I couldn’t do it. This young lady was serious, she wasn’t political she was concerned for her community. She had a legitimate request and she chose me to help he with the answer. This was one challenge I couldn’t screw up.

I decided rather that look for reasons for Blacks not to vote I would give her reasons for Blacks to vote. I gave her data she could search to find what blacks are capable of when left to practice their own skills.

I wrote giving her a short history of Blacks America before 1900. How the first black who came to the new world was Pedro Alonzo Nino in 1492 as the navigator of the Nina. One of Columbus ships. Crispus Attucks led the first uprising against the British in the American Revolution. In 1770. Benjamin O Davis Sr. born in 1877 became the first General in the Army. His son Benjamin O. Davis Jr. Commanded the Tuskegee Air man in WW II and became a General as well. The first American Flag planted at the North Pole was placed there by a black man. The first street lights installed in New Your where installed by a black man. Some of the inventions and discoveries of black men are air brakes on trains, shoes designed to fit each foot, granulated sugar, the first research and development for a verity of uses for peanuts. There are so many more.

The reason for the history lesson was to prove Blacks are as qualified as any one when presented with the challenge and the opportunity and not restrained by bigotry or political mandates.

The New York Times World Almanac lists sixty-seven noted Blacks in Americans history. Men who defied slavery, racial bias, un-equal opportunity to go on to create a spot in history. They did it with out affirmative action or government grants. They did it with the belief they were their own masters.

The Democratic Party controls the Black vote, why. They’ve given the Black community so much they deserve their vote so say the politicians. The Democrats created ghettos and call it public housing. They divided husband and wife and called it welfare. They created illegitimate children and call it assisting dependent children. They gave substandard nutrition and called it food stamps. They deprived fundamental education and called it compassion. The promoted advanced education on unqualified and children and called it affirmative action. They ignore the effects of drugs and immoral behavior and call it civil liberties. In fact the only time they embrace the Black community is at election time.

Here come those wearing silk suits, Rolex watches, driving pimped up cars with the gold teeth and their slick dialog jiving the brothers and sisters. They moved in to take advantage of a community not ready for what a single stroke of a pen gave them.

It’s no wonder Blacks vote for Democrats. After all aren’t we subject to our environment.

To paraphrase “We are what we eat”. If you’ve been feed bull-corn you are destined to crap bull-corn.

I place much of the blame on Republicans. Republicans have ignored the Black community until President Bush came along. President Bush has extended an open hand to the Black community offering true equal opportunity. His appointments to positions of responsibility of African Americans prove that, not as the Democrats have done for years with meager handouts of job and education assignments. How many in the Black community will have the foresight to peek over the pork barrel and see opportunity for their future and the future of their coming generations?

I can give Black America reasons not to vote for Democrats but every reason to vote for a candidate who will offer more than handouts. Demand more than rhetoric demand action.

To the African American community. Dismiss your Black Masters of the NAACP and other groups who charge you for stealing your money, stealing your dignity, stealing your opportunities and your right to be called an American with out the adding the Black hyphen to brand you as second-class citizens. It’s not White America who insists on the hyphenated identity it’s you in the Black community who insist on the separate identity.

Yes Black America there is a Santa but he isn’t a Democrat.


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