Monday, August 22, 2005


Liberals are in attack mode. I know some of these liberals are reading my shit because I have seen several post in blogland defending the angst in the liberal community.
There are articles spouting up referring to the “angry conservative”.
I find this amusing. In the blog Journalists Against Bush's B.S. (JABBS) there is an article “Conservatives Love to Discuss Mythical "Angry Left," But Rarely Refer to Actual "Angry Right".
(SAME STORY, DIFFERENT BLOG).I keep telling you they have marching orders and post the same rants)
Mythical angry left is amusing to me. Folks I have said so many times read the liberal blogs on my sidebar, read the hysteria, the drama, the anger. Now you have the Rolling Stones getting publicity for a song chanting about “NeoCons”.
Liberals feed off anger, hysteria. They have yet to figure out that you cannot scare people into voting for you. You cannot call people stupid and expect them to vote for you. You cannot malign their faith and make fun of their “god”, and expect them to see your point of view.
Go back to this website” The Living Room Candidate, Reagan vs Mondale (This site has video of all campaign commercials since the 50’s) Look at the contrast in the difference in how Reagan and conservatives portrayed America and how liberals viewed America.
In Mondale’s campaign commercials his basic point was if you elect Reagan, YOUR GOING TO FUCKEN DIE!

Yes our world has changed since then. But the personalities of the two parties has not.
This is why you liberals get such a rush by Cindy Sheehan types. There was NOTHING special about this woman, she had no message, she had no insight but you people rallied around her utter nonsense.
I want to see the President. she had no fucken RIGHT to see or visit with him AGAIN!But you liberals rode that pony.

Liberals NEED something to rally around. They NEED to be angry about something. Bush is the perfect target for them. This is also, why the anger does not translate in the polls.
All of you angry pissed off leftist bloggers do nothing but theorize.
I would bet that many of you are not active in your local school board meetings, city council meetings, and neighborhood associations.
I would bet that many liberal types have never been to a local zoning hearing, planning commission meeting, park board, CDBG, Board of Zoning Appeals, Traffic Commission.
Yep, your thinking what the fuck is that shit, and what does that have to do with the NeoCons and Bush destroying America!?
If your asking that question, then that is the problem. This country does not live or die with G. Dub. While you spend all of your time, talent and efforts trying to come up with solving the problems in Iraq.........LET ME PAUSE THERE....
We are in Iraq for the long haul. We need to be there, and yes its about Oil so get over it! worry about your communities, schools, kids. Take care of the home front FIRST. I’m not saying ignore what is happening elsewhere, but some of you need to get a fucken grip on yourselves.


Anonymous Oil Man said...

Very true.
Your whining and complaining liberals are the coffeehouse types who sit around, smoke obsessively and drink gallons of coffee and rummage around in dorm rooms and apartments with piles of dirty clothes and half eaten pizzas.
Marching in protests to them is a way of meeting guys and girls. It is important to (show) you care. The chicks dig that.
“I hate Bush” is far more likely to get you laid than “We should be in Iraq.”

Anonymous Grownup said...

Oh I don't know oil man. The people getting laid because they hate bush and are living in a dorm with empty pizza boxes are getting laid by empty headed drugged out self-loathing anorexic looking 20 something year olds (not that most men would turn down free p***y for any reason). Those guys who THINK before they form opinions, and who are able and willing to be honest about what is really going on in this world, will end up getting p****y from women with some money and sense of their own. Which means, in the long run, they'll get more! So, to all those guys who bleed and plead and need....take a look at the facts before you have an opinion or march in support. Is that so much to ask??

Anonymous Terrymum said...

Hey liberals from liberal land. You label others...and say you are proud of the liberal what's your beef? You call others names when they don't agree with everything you say and think...(I won't say do, because you do so little, other than sign meaningless petitions or march in groups). So why get upset when others disagree with you? Aren't you suppposed to be the champions of peace and justice? If that's so, then doesn't peace dictate you turn the other cheek and see the other "guy's" point of view? And doesn't justice dictate that you be fair enough to try to see where others are coming from, even crazy "neo-conservatives"? (PS - which I've been told - so that must make it so - is a code word for JEWISH conservatives...anti-semetic rhetoric...)

What Snoop is asking you to do - 1. Explain what good things you can or would do for the country if you get your guy (or gal) into office (as opposed to how you should get the vote simply because you are NOT BUSH/THEM) and 2. Do not assume that you know all the facts (if you aren't Black yourself, how can you assume you know what that is like, or what would be better/best for minorities?).

Dem's and liberals...good luck in the next election(s). If you do not give the American people something GOOD to look forward to, you aren't likely to win luck may be all you can hope to have.... Give us REASONS to follow. NOT reasons to hate or fear!

Blogger MALIBU JONES said...

Terrymum, has Snoop hired you to do his PR work? Any sensible person knows it's about the oil, nothing else, not Democracy, not terrorist, Bin Laden is almost 7 foot, dragging a kidney machine behind him
hiding in caves, and we can't find him, but we found Saddam in a fucking hole

Blogger Snoop said...

Hey M.J. that tis a good idea.

But try telling other Libs that it is only about the Oil. that is just not sinking in.

Anonymous Terrymum said...

Snoop couldn't pay me what I am worth to do his PR - but when a person is right they are right (or wrong) and I am smart enough to spot it. Should we be in Iraq? Is it a mistake? All very good questions. BUT - no matter the answer (or your version of an answer) THAT is now what will win (or lose) the next Presidential election. I am old enough to remember the Nam war pretty personally. Getting OUT OF THERE was a popular theme for candidates. Who did not win. And that was even BEFORE the Reagan revolution and mass media blitzes.

Regardless of your views on any issue - get this clear - to win elections on a national level the Dem's must give people hope and reasons to believe in their future. If all the candidate does is bash the other side, it makes for good press and rallying of the (already on your side) troops. It does not win over new voters, which is what must be done to win an election. Find ways to offer hope, not fear. Give answers, not criticisms. Be strong, but be smart. And most of all, show Americans that you love being an American. How much simpler can it be put?

Blogger MALIBU JONES said...

I really don't have a side, no one is on my side as you say- what is right is right and what is wrong is wrong, I don't care who you are. Conservative or Liberal. I have the right to agree to disagree - i.e. Snoop, it's pretty obvious on where he stands on certain issues, I sometimes agree, I sometimes disagree,
War is big business. I also remember the Vietnam War, Grenada, Desert Storm and every other little skirmish that has happened, Americans are looking for hope and healing of the country and whoever can get that message across clearer, will be the next President, regardless if it's Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, George Allen, Edwards, Rudy or even Al Sharpton (I just threw his name in) the issues/problems will always be around and never go away, Economy, Taxes, Social Security, Education,
Unemployment, Church vs State, Roe vs Wade, Black vs White, Straight vs Gay
unfortunately we will be long gone and these issues will still be around

Anonymous alias: "cutiepie" johnson said...

Snoop, as I told you when you visited JABBS, the second article is a lead in to JABBS' article.

I know that defeats your stereotypical belief that the left have marching orders, but why let the facts get in the way of a good argument.

Perhaps you should update your post to reflect the truth, and not some conservative b.s.

Blogger Snoop said...


This is so simple its unreal. I look at all of those leftists blogs on my sidebar once a day and other that I don’t have listed. Its easy to see that if a couple of the premier liberal blogs have certain talking points you all jump on board. Within a week or so all of the liberal blogs will have various takes on it. Some will blatantly copy the post as their own. This is why I could not understand why that idiot Bulldog Manefesto complained about me using his post. This is not conservative B.S. C.J. I do WAY too much reading of liberal blogs for anybody to refute me on this.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enjoyed a lot! Road kill bingo


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