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Question From Liberal Traitor: Is your dislike for liberals greater than your distrust of the administration?

We shall count this as a Snoopitorial.

Liberal Traitor said... On Profile of Deceit ; Administration Suppresses Racial Profiling Report
We seem to be in agreement that this is pretty fucked up. And you seem to not have a whole lot of trust for the administration. Yet you also seem to be in support of them much of the time. Or is it just that your dislike for liberals is greater than your distrust of the administration?

I’m not an individual who follows an individual or a party line blindly. There is mistrust, deceit, racism in both political parties.
However, yes I have a far greater dislike of liberal ideology.
Here is an old response that I posted on Lawrence.com basically sums up how I feel.
Keep in mind one of my favorite TV shows was All in the Family and while everyone concentrated on the stuff Archie use to say nobody paid attention to Meathead and his ridiculous clichéd liberal rants. Even as a young kid, I saw then how condescending and racists liberal ideology was, and yes I have held on to that.

Posted by Snoop on September 12, 2004 at 6:07 p.m. Lawrence.com

Snoop, from now on, I am no longering replying to your comments. Who gives a shit, Damm!!!

Cause when you respond to me you have to deal with what you see when you look into the mirror.
I had you pegged 2 months ago........


Liberal is a hollow term, and basically I dont think anything of the term in general. People simply state that they are Liberal because they say they are open minded, flexible in their thinking and understanding of the world around them. Open to new ideas and tolerant of other cultures, thoughts and mindsets.
Being open minded is not evil but the term does not accurately describe the true mindset.
Compassionate liberalism is a scary thought.
TRUE liberals are ultimate elitist, they are only tolerant of other cultures as to tap into the meaning of them or understanding them. Like visiting the zoo and gawking at the animals.
TRUE liberal believe that their intellectual superiority and supreme understanding of the world around them entitles them to micro manage the world around them.
TRUE liberals insist on telling you why YOU should not buy from a particular store,
Where you can and cannot smoke, drive a certain type of car, eat certain foods, why you should not eat meat, why YOUR kids should not play video games or watch TV.
TRUE liberals throw money into the ghettos because they don’t want the Negros out of the ghetto they just want to make it more comfortable for them.
TRUE liberals believe that dark children learn better when surrounded by pigment challenged individuals. Poor kids SHOULD go to public schools but THEIR kids are entitled to quality education.
TRUE liberals say if Johnny does not know that 2 plus two equals four we should get him to come to grips with his answer of five and make him feel good about it.
People throw out liberal and conservative and we automatically come to basic conclusions about what it’s suppose to mean.
TRUE liberals will actually have a meeting to discuss the plight of the non-whites in a given community and not invite the very people they are discussing.
TRUE liberals may even have a blog, discussing cultural diversity without asking varied multi-pigmented individuals what they feel is the cultural climate of a given community.
TRUE liberals are far more racists, xenophobic, govern out of pity and are just as class centered than many so called conservatives. Yes, that includes the confederate flag waving, gun rack, camouflage, and card carrying NRA, 700 club-watching folks.
So the term “compassionate liberalism” is frankly a frightening term to me.


Blogger Liberal Traitor said...

What specifically do you consider to be liberal ideology? It looks to me that you have issues with certian stereotypes about individual liberal, but the stuff you complain about would not seem to be too typical of liberalism in general.

Blogger Snoop said...

Ok LT either you are just screwing with me or you are not as liberal as you portray.
Most of my rants are based on experience. Others are easy to do Google University research on and see glaring examples of what I stated.

Let me throw out a couple of examples:

“TRUE liberals believe that dark children learn better when surrounded by pigment challenged individuals.”

When I use to live the school board set-up a program where black kids in the “target” area. Were bused to schools throughout the city. In my neighborhood, in fact on one city block, not one of the children in black families went to a neighborhood school. In fact there was one example when a single mother had 2 kids and the kids being 3 years apart should have at least gone to the same school wen to two separate schools.
It was stated in an article by a university professor that these black children will have better educational opportunities under this system INSTEAD of spending more money in the “target” area.
Guess what my kids were not affected because I simply lied on the school application form and said they were Hispanic

TRUE liberals may even have a blog, discussing cultural diversity without asking varied multi-pigmented individuals what they feel is the cultural climate of a given community.

Here is the blog: Old entry

www.lawrence.com/blogs/gotkids/2004/jul/02/langston/’>Langston Hughes Does not a Diverse City Make: "Cultural Awareness" in Lawrence

Posted by Snoop

Culture supposedly consists of patterns of behavior and beliefs, which characterize a group of people, which is first a lot of nonsense Yes behavior relates to religious practices, rituals, food choices etc. But do you or any white person truly care about the practices, rituals, or food choices of a given group? Why would you? Also, feel free to turn the table. As xenophobic as some cultures are they choose not to know or want to understand people of different cultures. The more some people know of other cultures the greater the level of prejudice and social isolation.

Yes, cultural differences can often create barriers to effective communication. Tension and misunderstanding can be avoided by looking at the way we communicate with people who have a different cultural background from our own.

But what most CHOOSE to do is isolate. For good reason in some instances. We isolate via our neighborhoods, our churches, and our places of employment even our places of entertainment.

Most minorities privately would tell you the whole aspect of cultural diversity is embarrassing and only paints a larger target on their backs. Every time dark skinned folks think they have blended in some do gooder liberal brings up this diversity mess.

Read any website on the issue and it will likely say: culturally sensitive people are those who are not afraid to take the inner journey and examine their own feelings and belief systems, and take the responsibility for them.

Sounds like a lot to heap on whitey. But I often see whites saying that they love to explore and embrace other cultures. Until those SOB’s go booming their car stereos listening to that jungle rap music down Mass st, and walk by with those saggy paints and that retarded sounding slang crap I hear all day……Oh, wait that was our all American boy Danny Whitesmith, and his sister Heather with that Negro kid down the street. See I knew that cultural diversity crap would come back to bite us!

“TRUE liberal believe that their intellectual superiority and supreme understanding of the world around them entitles them to micro manage the world around them.”

Just read a liberal blog. How many times do you see liberal blogs talk about the “stupidity”
of people who support the war, or who voted for Bush.
U know I think I’m a pretty intelligent guy and I have told liberal types how do you expect to win elections by calling individuals intellect into question?
I read liberal blogs almost exclusively.
When I read on some liberal blog that “if you voted for Bush you have blood on your hands”.
C’mon L.T. do folk not have a clue about how utterly retarded that sounds not to mention demeaning. Therefore why would you vote otherwise. For every person who reads these blogs and sees that shit you have just lost another vote.
If someone does not agree with me on an issue but they make a compelling case I at the very least have the capacity to listen and understand or at least try too. The moment you question my intelligence, nothing you say will matter.

Blogger Liberal Traitor said...

Well the school situtation sounds pretty messed up, but I don't live live there so I don't have the proper context to blame liberals specifically or liberal ideology generally. As for a condescending tone toward Bush supporters, you bet your ass many of us do. That's not part of any "liberal ideology." That's a bunch of people who are pissed off at how badly our country is going and we can indeed blame and ridicule those who helped make that happen. And I've heard the same kind of stuff coming from the right about Clinton supporters. Politics are deeply personal, and the explosion of blogs has given a soapbox to any bozo who wants one. Not everyone is going to sound like Walter Cronkite.

Blogger Snoop said...

Well then, my question(s) to you is who is the audience? Who are they trying to appeal to? Who are they trying to convince?
To liberals and conservative BOTH like to hear people recycle the same rhetoric to make them feel good about their particular position? A sort of preaching to the choir mentality?

Blogger Snoop said...

I forgot to add....

Me, here on the Zone my purpose is not to try and convince anybody of anything.
It is a fact that there are an overwhelming number of whites who blog vs blacks, particularly black conservatives.
I wish I could tell you how many times I have spoken to and dealt with white liberal types who are dumbfounded and confused at my way of thinking.
How could a black individual take the kinds of positions I do.
I have always felt that NOTHING is more dangerous to the white liberal establishment than a conservative black dude. I see through the liberal bullshit.
I listen and listen carefully. I don’t blindly follow party lines. Has Bush screwed some things up, sure he has. But I have never understood the logic of not considering ALL THE PIECES OF THE GOVERNMENT PUZZLE.
If Bush is so screwed up as all of you bloggers on the left say he is, why are Democratic Leaders so silent? Why does it take a fraud like Cindy Sheehan to RALLY THE TROOPS so to speak. There would be a groundswell with the power of Hurricane Katrina, not some bullshit-STAGED protest in Crawford Texas.

Blogger Liberal Traitor said...

The only blogger who I can speak for is myself, and I personally enjoy writing sarcastic and cynical commentary on the state of the world from the only perspective that I know, my own. I'm an independent lefty, pretty much fed up with the democratic party and just choosing them as a lesser of two evils. But the lesser of two evils is still evil, and politics is the ugliest sport. I have some degree of respect for traditional conservatives, but I have nothing but the highest levels of hate for the neoconservatives. I try not to play up too many stereotypes of the right, though the thing about stereotypes is that there is always some degree of truth to them. Any political blogger on either side both breaks some stereotypes while living up to others.

I tend to disagree with a great deal of what you say, but I also find refreshment in your lack of dogmatism on some things. Other bloggers on both sides could do well to drop the party line bullshit.

I'm still probably not going to vote for you too much on Battle of the Blogs until you start winning more. I need those points, you know!

Blogger Snoop said...

Hey it’s all good, we all play the B of the B game the same way. Unless they change the rules, its obvious Snoop will not be winning any battles anytime soon.
I don’t do to win the battles it’s simply a form of advertising for me.


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