Friday, August 26, 2005

Profile of Deceit ; Administration Suppresses Racial Profiling Report

Record, The; Bergen County, N.J

FIRST A SNOOPITORIAL: Some of these black websites are just hammering this issue to death and I fail to understand why.
Being a Negro Yes, I have been pulled over by the police on several occasions (when it was NOT warranted, i.e. speeding, traffic violation). I have NEVER been treated unfairly (in terms of police conduct towards me). Why? Because I did not act like an idiot.
What fucken good is it to go into hysterics over WHY you were pulled over?
Conduct yourself in a courteous manner, respect dudes job and know his boundaries.
If you act nervous or act like an ass of course confrontations will result.
After a Super Bowl party (49ers Victory ALL DAY DRINKING) on the way home some young dudes in a sports car, cut me off and almost caused me to run into another car. When I caught up to them at the traffic light they gave me a fucked up look, flipped me off and took off. I being a hothead took off after them. I was in a Toyota Van so U know that chase did not last long. However a policeman who apparently noticed us caught up to me and pulled me over. The other car was long gone. I immediately got out of the car and told the officer point blank that I had been drinking, I had just come from a Super Bowl party, but I chasing after a car who cut me off, I had the license number ect. He told me to calm down and take a deep breath and I then went into more details.
Hell I smelled like alcohol, but the officer figured if I could recall that much detail I was relatively ok to drive. He asked how much further I had to go, I told him a couple of miles. So he said if you promise to go straight home all would be cool. (BTW, yes this was a white cop). When I got home, I called the department and told them to call the officer and thank him for his assistance.
My point is of course not all officers are assholes and racists. I believe we need racial profiling and it is necessary.
Stories like the one below are strictly partisan and anti-Bush B.S.
Are blacks and Mexicans pulled over more? YES! But frankly there was likely a pretty good reason why they got pulled over. Don’t give the police a reason to pull you over.
Where I lived in Oakland, we were the only black family upper middleclass hood. If some brothas were cruising our neighborhood, yes I’m thinking what the fuck are they doing around here? You don’t just “find” your way where we lived.
Black folks need to get over this shit and these black publications need to “get real”.

The Bush administration is once again displaying its penchant for distorting public information.

This time, it has pushed a respected Justice Department official from his post because he refused to play down the disturbing findings of a study on racial profiling.

The Bush people, you see, don't like unpleasant facts, especially on problems that the administration has absolutely no intention of addressing.

The unpleasantness here came from a major study by the Justice Department's statistics bureau.

As reported by The New York Times this week, the study found that police stop white, black and Hispanic motorists at about the same rate. But during the stops, officers use or threaten force against black and Hispanic drivers more often than against whites. They are also far more likely to slap Hispanics with tickets rather than give warnings.

And Hispanic motorists in the study either were personally searched or had their vehicles searched by officers 11.4 percent of the time. For blacks it was in 10.2 percent of stops. For whites - just 3.5 percent.

As deeply troubling as these statistics are, the police bias that they suggest is unfortunately no surprise. Evidence abounds that racial profiling in traffic stops around the country is common.

But when Lawrence Greenfeld, director of the Bureau of Justice Statistics, presented the report to his superiors, he was ordered to tone down its summary of findings.

He refused and was summoned to the White House, where personnel officials urged him to resign just six months before he was scheduled to retire with a full pension.

Ultimately, Mr. Greenfeld was instead demoted.

Administration officials never did announce the findings of this major study or share it with Congress.

Probably they were afraid of giving ammunition to civil liberties advocates who are rightfully questioning the use of racial profiling in terrorism investigations and law enforcement in general.

But controlling information is what this administration is good at.

Previously, administration officials changed wording in government reports to downplay the risks of global warming. And they have altered health Web sites to distort facts on the effectiveness of condoms in protecting against AIDS.

They never let truth get in the way. And who gets hurt, after all?

Just the public.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, Snoop, the best thing about your blog is the pics. You need to win a battle O the blogs for that reason alone. Honest to God, I laugh so hard that Coke... well, I've learned not to drink anything that might hurt the sinuses while reading.

Still haven't found a single pic of a negro living in a trailer (for those of you that don't understand the ref, don't worry about it), but I'm still looking. That's almost worth a study in itself.

Mebbe I'll wander thru the Fort Scott aluminum condo neighborhoods tomorrow.

Then again, maybe I won't.

El B.

Anonymous ron mexico said...

hey, i know a few negroes that lived in a trailer (In Iowa) LOL
another reference, Snoop, from your other stuff, you live in a relatively conservative area, Kansas I am guessing, but on the East Coast, especially on the I95 cooridor between New York and Miami, the drug traffic, smuggling of anything you can think of, cigarettes, alcohol, clothes, CD, DVDs, the cops are always looking for that big bust, so especially in NJ black are always stopped,
If you are 95 at 2 in the morning
regardless if you are speeding or not, 8 out of 10 times you will be stopped, if black, if white, maybe 3 out of 10, it's always on the news, tell you what, let's do a road trip, I will meet you in New York, leave a 12 midnight, drive in shifts until we get to Miami and lets see how many times we get stopped, South Carolina is worst than Jersey, Jersey it's just cops looking to make their name, Maryland cops will shoot first and asked questions later because of the crime, South Carolina they are rednecks, so you cannot win
Me personally I have been stopped more times than I can remember
its a way of life, you deal with it and move on

Blogger Snoop said...

Ron; I have several partners who live that way. One in Maryland, the other in Fredericksburg, Richmond and then So Carolina. I know what you are talking about. I know that profiling results in blacks being pulled over far too many times. Now here in Kansas the only time I was pulled over because of the skin tone was while driving to Wichita from Lawrence (about 2 hours) I had just purchased a (old) new Volvo, but it looked good and an officer was driving the other direction clocked me, yes I was speeding, but there were dozens of other cars that were exceeding the limit, but dude went out of his way and followed me first almost 15 miles to pull me over.
Now adding to it I was driving on the one year anniversary of 9/11, if you remember tensions were high. I asked to see the radar reading, dude went one step further, he showed me the digital DVD in his car that recorded the entire thing.
Dude had me open all of my doors, who knows why, but he did not do a shakedown or anything.
It kinda pissed me off, mostly cause I have driven that road countless numbers of times.
Also briefly when me and my wife who is white were going to New Orleans from KC not long after 9/11 when security was crazy, I noticed all random searches were of dark skinned folks. I was almost stripped to the bone. My son and daughter in law (pink hair in all), they did not get searched.
My wife said that on our way back she was going to grab and hold onto me to see what happens. I did not get the random search treatment. Who knows why maybe it was random but you still wonder. I can give you hundreds of stories growing up getting harassed by the cops being the only black kid in a (white) hood.
I have said here in the zone many times I’m pretty hard core conservative and very republican, but I don’t fit the stereotype black conservative. I don’t have the views I have because I’m some uncle tom like some black folks (whites too) want to think black republicans are.
Us darkies keep getting profiled cause other darkies keep getting caught with shit!
If they search us 8 out of 10 times but find “something” 3 out of 10, they are going to keep it up.
I’m not a criminal, so I will just keep being the darkie that does not have shit on em, and like you said move on.

Blogger Liberal Traitor said...

We seem to be in agreement that this is pretty fucked up. And you seem to not have a whole lot of trust for the administration. Yet you also seem to be in support of them much of the time. Or is it just that your dislike for liberals is greater than your distrust of the administration?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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