Tuesday, August 16, 2005

LIBERALS FOUND A NEW BUZZ TERM: The "straw man" or the "straw man fallacy"

Ok folks, I know some of you won’t believe me but I do have a sense of humor. I like to read funny stuff. But most of all I pay attention, VERY close attention to liberals not only what they say but how they say it.
Lets face it folks ALL of us here on the web are a bunch or liars and fakes. Did you know my name is NOT Snoop? Yes I’m a fraud, much of the stuff here on my blog is written by someone else. People who are likely paid more that I. The photos were taken by someone else. I just copy and paste. I did not do the template either, some web geek designed it.
But truths about me are, I am black, I did take the photo in the lower left, I have engaged in inappropriate behavior one time or another. I have drank too much on occasion and I am quick tempered and slightly nutz!
Having said all of that more of you who blog need to go to confession. The lying and deceit is rampant.
Take the title of this entry.
Note on the intro (top of the blog) a reply from (underdogdem)
He has a blog called the Underdog Democrat. Its on my sidebar.
I made a statement on another blog in response to a question the host blogger posed to his audience a question something like: What do Democrats/Liberals need to change?
I added a piece from my Snoopitorial
The crux of my post focused around an e-mail I received that prompted the editorial in the first place. The young lady who wrote me stated that “my attacks on liberals are an attack on the very people who try to help blacks and other minorities receive opportunities in this country.”

To which I called them ridiculous and condescending. (underdogdem)
Hence wrote what you see above.
Another reply prompted the following response:

“I wont apologize for logically analyzing what is put in front of me.
In the terms of the whole straw man concept, a better explanation is above, or you can google for straw man. I was using it to a host of comments other than yours.
To a certian extent this can go round and round with your interpretation of what she said vs. mine. Part of the confusion comes from the difference between what you posted on the Angry Democrat originally that I reacted to, and what you posted this time.
As you posted it originally,
"that my attacks on liberals (on my blog, which I don’t do BTW) are an attack on the very people who try to help blacks and other minorities receive opportunities in this country.”
I reacted to that with puzzlement, saying 'All she said was liberals try to help.' Classic Straw Man.

Here's how you made me aware of it today. There is a slight difference. Maybe it was just memory or something.
"attacking liberals the very people who work to reach out to blacks and other minorities adds to the suffering of black individuals in this country.”
Now I have to admit, the second version is stronger in terms of saying you add to the suffering of black people just by attacking liberals.
But here's your reaction:
The sheer condescending and elitist and nature of your arguments, making the mistake that all blacks think alike and that all blacks “need” the liberal left to succeed...
Maybe not as much of a straw man, but I still think you exaggerate what she says. It's not as if she said "liberals are the ONLY ones who can help blacks." And I doubt this woman would consider that she was an 'elite,' as if she was better than anyone else.
Of course, if you have her contact info you can ask her for clarification. Did she mean to say "liberals need blacks? Is she an elitist?" My guess is she'd probably say no.
With little or no benefit or gains in opportunities, blacks have been pimped and patronized by liberal democrats for 40 plus years.
Wait. Is someone sticking a gun to their heads and forcing them to vote Democrat? If that's the case, I'll be the first to stop it. They should be able to vote Republican if they want to.
(yes, I was strawmanning there)

...Or is it just that they elect to vote Democratic, and in large numbers?
former Klansman Robert Byrd as a “AMERICAN HERO!” Could Democrats be so partisan as to simply ignore the racist soul of this individual
I think the blog is referring to his considerable legislative acheievements and long history of service, not his KKK membership.
Anywho....so I’m wondering anytime I start to see certain buzzwords on liberal websites/blogs or replies I try to find a recent source that gave birth to it and I find the Molly Ivans piece below:
Yes folks this is not a new term or concept but this term is like when Democrats recently turned around the term of “judicial extremists,” in describing right leaning judges.
KNOWING the public perception of wacked out left leaning judges fits the term to a tee.

You see folks those of us who write blogs are not that smart or clever and we sure as hell are not that damm original.
Dude on the initial website where I made my initial comment nor underdogdem cared about mine or any other issues, views responses, debate. Liberal sites like his entire existence is to simply manipulate, impugn and malign those who question liberal Democratic ideology.
So they buttfuck a tired phrase and use the term to spin and argument and claim originality.
Again this is why I view liberal sites very carefully. They take their marching orders on manipulating the public very seriously. Just like calling this Cindy Sheehan an American Hero and Patriot when she is far from it.
I do thinks liberals are wacked, but I do learn from them and they are fun for the most part.
Enjoy the Ivans piece. I heard her in person and actually like reading her
columns. Apparently Underdogdem does too!


Blogger histropolitics said...


Well, I guess in the end I can thanks for all those straw man images, maybe I'll use some for my site.

The Underdog Democrat is exactly as you say, set up to defend Democrats and promote progressive thinking.

But if I do hear of a good idea from the 'right' - I won't close my mind to it. I've always worked in the private sector and see that as the solution to many things, and I try to learn from conservatives (where I can.)

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