Thursday, August 25, 2005


Neoconservatism 101 -- Politics of the Wolf
It's funny how some of the right wingers get all loopy when they hear somebody speak the truth. They can't handle hearing it. (i.e., Cindy Sheehan, Ambassador Joe Wilson, Scott Ritter, Sen. Max Cleland, Richard Clarke, and Hans Blitz) Nothing bothers these people more than the truth. It drives them up the friggin' wall. They will smear anybody who speaks the truth. There is a reason for this, and it comes from the very foundation of the Neoconservative belief system.

The Neoconservatism movement is built upon the notion that its better to get people to believe in "noble lies" than have them unsettled by the truth. The father of Neoconservatism, Leo Strauss, argued that:

WHO CARES.......
I love when liberals prove my point. This is a portion of ANOTHER Neocom post

You see, neoconservatism is a political school of thought that suffers from an elevated ego. The proponents of the theory believe they know "what's good for the rest of us". These people believe that the American people are better off ignorant and blind, than with actual freewill. In their view, freewill can lead to nihilism. And to them, nihilism will lead to the end of civilization.........

C’mon do U give a shit, plez! I think some people just write shit to pat themselves on the back. TAKE THAT, you conservative bastards. Remember Batman when the POWS!, KABOOM!, ZOWEEE! whatever use to come on the screen. Kinda like that.

If you care the Neocon stuff


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