Monday, July 25, 2005

Rise above racism by sticking together

By William M. "Bill" Grace

July 25, 2005

About 13 years ago, I read an article written by Bill Maxwell of the Gainesville (Fla.) Sun titled "When Blacks Help Blacks" and was taken back by the truths in that article. Since then, things that were articulated by Maxwell have stayed on my mind. All during that time, I was thinking that things would change and that the negative aspect of his article would be history, but here I am in the year 2005, another millennium, and things have not changed.

While many African-Americans sit around complaining and blaming white America and the conservative Bush administration for its policies that are negatively affecting us as a people, few are willing to accept blame of any kind. There have been many racially motivated incidents, nationally and locally, in this nation that have forced many whites to do some soul searching about race relations in America and some have attempted to make changes for the better. African-Americans must not become enamored of the blame-game.



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