Sunday, June 19, 2005

A Snoopitorial:

I have scanned through numerous blogs regarding the bombings in London. I don’t exactly know why ALL had to repeat what was being aired on the news stations constantly.
Look folks to those that give a shit and I know that is about TWO of you, my take is basically this. These A-rab Terrorists fucks screwed up. You know these jackasses need to take a psychology class. I already know they are a bunch of dumb fucks for blowing themselves up anyway, but they clearly don’t understand basic human behavior.
Now the terrorists would tell you, “look we disrupted their lives, we sent fear to their hearts, and we made them pay for their actions.” No you dumbasses you interrupted a conference on POVERTY IN AFRICA. You think there a few angry African folk right now. With the Prime minister reading his statement the world leaders stood together united and reminded the others that it could have been their country.
These bombings UNITE people idiots.
Also rock stars are pissed now because it stole their thunder and bumped them and their supposed good work eradicating poverty off the front page.
And when you get right down to it, the casualties were minimal. The British were prepared. Also the British are not going to be scared off by a bunch of chicken shit A-rab fucks. These attacks do nothing but create resolve in British and American citizens.
We need to start squeezing the heads of the prisoners in Abu Ghraib for more 411 and exterminate these crazy bastards.
Even liberals will stop being sympathetic of your crazy crusade if you step on their toes and give George more reason to call for more bombs to drop on your turbans.
This is not just a war against Iraq but a war against people trying to kill a way of life that is contrary to their useless lives.
You liberals who sympathize with these punk ass towelheads keep forgetting these fucks would blow your white ass up quicker than you can blink. They are attacking a way of life, not liberals or conservatives, white or black, Catholic or Protestant.
They want us DEAD! ALL OF US.
Remember the alien in Independence Day when asked by the prez can we make peace?
What did the bastard say “NO PEACE”, “DIE!” HELLO IS THIS THING ON!?


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