Saturday, June 18, 2005

Oprah, Cosby Don’t Get It

Ah, I just love to read editorials like the one below. They are if nothing entertaining.
Hence the repost. If you wonder why black folk are so screwed up sometimes peep the language in the piece. I don’t totally disagree with his observations on Oprah because she only caters to the upper crust white women because that is who made her rich, DUH!
But this is another one of many examples of black folk whining about somebody not giving them anything. Blacks are the only race of people who seems to think that others with dark pigment are obligated to GIVE SOMETHING BACK!
Oprah, Cosby, M.J., 50 Cent, P. Diddy name your black celebrity is under no fucken OBLIGATION to do a goddamm thing for any brotha’ or sista’.
9 times out of 10 they will either ignore it or fuck up the opportunity anyway. Does that mean that nothing should be done to help folks NO, but stop your damm bitching and complaining. Like the editorial on my sidebar and read the story about the bitch below.
Get a fucken education, stop having babies, stop spending your money on rims and perms and stay out of prison.

By Darwin Campbell
African-American News

Nothing excites people more than visits from celebrities making rounds. Over a week ago, it was Bill Cosby’s brief visit to the hood’. This week it was Oprah Winfrey. Notice I said Oprah without the hood’. That’s because Oprah came to Dallas with her own message and to hang out with her main fan base – White women and Bourgeois “Afristocratic” Black women who have denied the race (like Oprah) and convinced themselves they are no longer African Americans. The tour of self-help seminar was entitled "Live Your Best Life." It is embarrassing to see these Black women flock to see “Queen Oprah” and pay $185 just to be in the same room with a woman who really has not been an African American for years. Oprah Winfrey is a classic example of how some Blacks can grow up poor, hard and navigate the obstacles of racism, discrimination and a dysfunctional family and not use it as a beacon to reach back, lead and pull up her people. She has forgotten where she came from and walks a fine tightrope with supporters. She also tiptoes around the hood’ and other key issues affecting the Black community. Like Cosby, Oprah uses her money and influence to promote herself and a few “pet” causes and thinks it’s enough to lift the Black race out of its present state. Granted, occasionally, Ms. Winfrey makes a few “politically safe,” but weak attempts to identify with her Blackness by making a few African American films about Black people, but for the most part, she does not want to be fully associated with Black America. At the Dallas Convention Center, she was in her element – far, far, far away from the dangerous hoods’ and public housing complexes in Dallas-Fort Worth, where the only visits she makes in those neighborhoods are on 20-32-inch television screens Monday through Friday. Cosby brought his message to the hood, but failed because he spoke to whites and middle class Blacks. He did not speak directly with the very people he criticizes and while in the South Dallas hood, did he make strides to get out and meet anyone there. Neither Oprah Winfrey nor Bill Cosby feel, understand or represent us as messengers of truth about the pains Black men and women face today in Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas or America. I am convinced neither is genuinely interested in the conditions, situations, troubles and challenges Blacks are exposed to on a daily basis. Racism, unemployment, lack of opportunity, raising children in single parent households, poor wages, the lack of health insurance, closed economic doors and glass ceilings in workplaces and an abusive criminal justice system are very real issues for Blacks today.
A segment still exists on Americans not wanting Blacks to move forward with their own hospitals, banks and business districts, or make progress enough for each of us to prosper, become more independent or have money. Much of it has been sabotaged by the best efforts of our enemies to hold and keep us down from reaching our full potential as a race.
Dreams and equality are just buzzwords having little sparkle among African Americans struggling each day to overcome and find ways to make ends meet and survive nightmare after nightmare of assaults on our psyche as a people. According to Oprah, her success comes from personal desire, overcoming adversity and an undying passion to fulfill goals and dreams. The real truth is, White folks like Oprah, and it boosts her marketability as a plantation princess and helps the rich sell whatever she promotes. She can have “her cake and eat it too,” until upsetting “her economy” or saying or doing something to make rich people pull away or consider her a risk to capital hungry American businesses. You can also tell how black she is by the people surrounding her. It’s not us!!! Oprah’s tour and lifestyle are nothing more than a testimony of pompous excesses and an exercise in self promotion failing to do nothing more than intoxicate and mesmerize women into a stupor of ignorant chants and incites a frenzy of foolish outstretched hands reaching out to touch what they believe is some kind of God.
Just like Cosby, Oprah missed her best chance to hear, know and make a difference with Black women living in the hoods’ across the Metroplex.
She knew many poor Black women did not have $185 and could not compete with hordes of selfish, spoiled, greedy, lavish snobs attending her pep rally. Those hurting and struggling in the hood’ are still alone and must continue to fight their battles alone without the support or visibility Oprah could have brought to their plight. Oprah missed another opportunity to reach out to the hood’ and ignored the fact many of these same poor women and single mothers watch her show.
They would have loved to know “Oprah the Great” cared about them enough to grant them some kind of audience or would not mind pausing a moment away from her fancy expensive shopping habits, rich friends, glitzy lifestyle and listen, motivate and encourage them by offering positive words directly to them. Oprah and Cosby are fully unaware of the true struggles of being Black in America today. We cannot “live our best lives” until the pendulum of fairness, opportunity and finances swings more evenly toward Blacks. The fact Oprah and Cosby have made it and got their “cheddar” has blinded them to the truth there remains a segment of Americans using us to build this country, make this economy great and now despises us and has all but written us off in favor of the “new negroes” (Hispanics). Many of us will have to “live our best lives” without help from Uncle Sam, Cosby or Oprah. It is not enough to be a famous personality making an appearance or giving your money to Black causes. Identify with us… Stand with Us …Vocalize it and be Proud of it … and you know what I mean…