Sunday, June 19, 2005


You know people there are just some parts of our great country that you have to avoid.
After recently taking a trip to the Ozarks I came across a disturbingly high volume of really ugly females. I think living in Lawrence has spoiled me. Being a college town with a younger population despite not being on one of the coasts we have a fair amount of attractive females.
But in some of the towns we passed through in Southern Missouri south of Springfield you could not swing a dead cat without running into women who frankly looked like a bad science experiment gone terrible wrong.
There is a reason why you should not shack up with your cousin folks.

Websites who devote themselves to attacking the above statements certainly say things like:

�The problem is that in our society, everything is based an appearance.�

�attractive looking people get more promotions, higher salaries and even better grades in school.�

Some will say Snoop there is a double standard, why are women are held to a much higher standard than men?

Ladies I�m sorry but you have an obligation to society to look your best. I SAID YOUR BEST
Not a freaken supermodel. Some bitch that he most minor flaw in a woman's body or face disqualifies her from being beautiful. This is not true. If your wanting to be a news anchor maybe but shopping a Walmart no.

I saw a quote where that stated: �there are no ugly women, just lazy ones.� I can dig that.
Yes there is a double standard. But ladies it your fault.
Men have been conditioned that if they have enough money or drive a nice enough car and you�re a hot chick they can get you.
Some of you women tolerate fat, smelly, balding, grotesque dudes and hence you lower your standards and go out in public where I have to see you. Think again!

Now in redneckville it makes no damm difference. I use to think that ugly would cancel itself out, by that I mean two ugly people rubbing together would make for a let just say a decent looking baby but not really.
What is more disturbing is upon return to Lawrence I have noticed more of these hillbilly types.
Does your brain systematically cancel these people out when they seem few and far between?

Now some places where ugly is not tolerated EVER is: A server in a restaurant, Airline flight attendant, a Nurse.

Ladies if you find this slightly offensive.......... well.........GOOD.

My state of mind a �visible health� is paramount!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just got back from the Ozarks (canoed 19 miles on the Current River), and I give you a big, fat, ditto on that one.

There are some people who should never, ever, ever, be allowed to purchase a bikini.


El B

Anonymous Terry Mum said...

Ah guys....fat people need love too! (And I may be one of them if I don't take off some of my vacation pounds!).... I do agree though - some folks need to invest in a full length mirror, and use it. Or get friends who'll be more blunt with them. I don't mind folks having less then stellar looks (heck, I'm one of them). It is, however, a little mind boggling to see how some folks dress (or should I say fail to dress) themselves! Think age and weight appropriate folks!

Anonymous WesternKSGirl said...

okay, on this, I definately have an opinion. I am so sick of all the clothes that they sell today. I recently lost some "baby weight" (never you mind that the child is 8). Anyhoo, upon buying new clothes .. WTF is it with all of these hip hugging jeans. I mean, I can wear a smaller size, but, my gut didn't just disappear, and most people I see in them, with the short crop shirts, have the same problem, though, they are mistaken that the should wear that particular combination.
Seriously, just because they MAKE speghetti strapped, waist bearing shirts in a size 22W; does not mean that you should buy one. Additionally, you should NEVER pair them with hip hugger jeans. Oh, yeah, and stop wearing the Daisy Dukes, b/c seriously, they only looked good on her, and that was a long time ago.
I am soo sick of seeing people with the "skin belt" over the top of their jeans and sharing it with the country. Guys, this goes for you to. Especially, the really old guy in my neighborhood with flab jiggling everywhere while wearing NO shirt (dude, you're 70), and white shoes and black socks. I have to cover my kids' eyes. STOP IT.
I honestly think that there should be some Garanimals for adults and that the clothes manufacturers should have some sense with this stuff. DON't make jeans that squeeze the top part of your body in any size over 6. And, if you're over 130 lbs (unless, you're over 5'6", then, weight can go up .. ) you can't buy these tighter clothes, you must wear a bra, and for the love of decency, cover the hell UP!!!!!!! Also, I agree with Terry on age appropriate stuff. *shudder* And, being a State worker, I see all shapes and sizes trying to squeeze into clothes they have no business wearing .. the HORROR!
I could go on longer than SNOOP on this topic, but, I must get back to work.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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