Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Ok, lets make one thing perfectly clear.
Snoop does not agree with the current Supreme Court decision concerning Eminent Domain. The decision was simply wrong. HOWEVER, on my trip I stopped for a break and was watching CNN and this dude who was the son of one of the plaintiffs was standing in front of one of the properties in the case. This place looked like a fucken mess!
The house was all jacked up. Paint chipping, door hanging off, trash in the front yard ect.
I am thinking the CNN camera man set this poor sap up. I use to do videography years ago while in the Air Force and setting up the RIGHT shot was VERY important. CNN could have chosen somebody with a nicer home or one that was cleaned up. So what message was CNN sending Hmmm?

My kinda sorta point first of all is although the decision was WRONG it is not the end of the damm world. If you are a property owner and your property is a piece of shit and an eyesore to the community, if you want more sympathy from the average Joe then either do something constructive with your property or at the very least clean it the fuck up!
If your city or town pulls this shit and you do not agree then vote the bastards out of office, plain and simple.
BUT people do not have the right to have a shitty eyesore piece of property that hinders the land value of others around it.
To me its like people who own homes and their house is full of weeds, trash, kids toys, dog shit, fence falling down, chipping paint, cars on blocks. They are either lazy fucks or have no regard for the people around them.
If your property looks like shit then you are affecting my properties value.
That is equally WRONG.