Sunday, June 19, 2005

"Are Negros in the United States united?"

I know most white people could care less except for liberals who see their long standing base eroding as blacks become increasingly aware of "the other political party".
I have said for years and could never understand why blacks voted exclusively democratic. As faith based issues seem to continue to be at the forefront of right wing agendas blacks are waking up and embracing their core values.
Thus black people can no longer be looked upon as monolithic. Bush has quietly made very big strides by getting funds to faith-based organizations because the Republicans have discovered that the black churches are ready to do serious work particularly in "their" communities.
The old style process of the black church being the core of the community, and the republicans have discovered it can work to their advantage.
Republicans have discovered that the morality trumpeted by the evangelical who were so important to their victories in November is shared by the black church community, which has always been conservative on issues regarding personal conduct.
Blacks may have voted for Democratic presidential candidates in the past, chiefly because it was the party that trumpeted an end to racial segregation and discrimination, in words but not in action. However the chief reason was the democratic party was/is the party willing to commit to larger welfare packages.
The Democrats may be on the verge of losing a significant portion of the black vote in the next election. Recall that many Americans voted for the Democrats not because they loved Kerry, but as a result of their disdain for Bush.
Republicans have succeeded in making high political appointments that seem to be free of any racial glue and actually recognize the individual rather than color or sex,
It is odd to see Democratic party chairman Howard Dean in his colorful attacks using terms like "White Mans Club" to describe republicans. It shows the desperation of democrats to use the tactics of the "fear" of racism to win votes. Dean who is from Vermont? I think..... with a 1% black population and under his administration had NO blacks. This is the leader of the Democratic party?